The Best Apps of 2018

The top 10 apps of 2018 that are definitely worth installing.

1. Not My Style

Find out how much your favourite high street brands share about their supply chains, and the people who manufacture their clothes. Using a traffic light rating, brands are ranked green, amber and red.

2. Karma

Karma allows you to discover unsold food from nearby restaurants, cafes and grocery stores, for half the regular price. So you can plan your work lunches or tomorrow’s dinner.

Dedicated to reducing the ever-increasing waste in our society by dramatically increasing the reuse of unused clothing, Stuffstr allows you to upcycle your old clothing and get money back from the items you no longer use.

4. Headspace

Headspace is one of the best meditation apps, requiring only 10-15 minutes of your day to help find some inner peace. Each short session is led by co-founder Andy Puddicombe – the perfect introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

5. Monzo

Digital bank Monzo has disrupted the banking industry. Their distinctive coral-coloured card is packed with benefits such as no fees abroad, overdrafts and bill splitting.

7. TickTick

The task manager we have been waiting for. TickTick understands the most complex of things to do, and will send reminders as though you had hired a real life assistant to organise your life for you.

8. Moment 

With a “Less Phone. More Life.” mantra, Moment makes it easy to track your phone time. With simple strategies designed to change your relationship with your iPhone, you can monitor usage and set up limits for certain apps.

9. SplitWise

Splitwise is a money transfer app that makes repaying friends and collecting debt easier than ever before. Using only a mobile number, you can also send gentle reminders to those who owe you.

10. Hopper

The Hopper app monitors the prices of flights and hotels, predicting pricing up to a year in advance. With a simple way to book and save, the app has saved more than $1.8 billion to date.