How To Build Your Personal Brand

The start of a New Year brings goals, resolutions, and aspirations. A time for reflection – Am I in the right career? What’s my next move?

2019 is the year to see yourself as a brand, and develop a ‘mark’ around your name and career. Here are a handful of steps for building your personal brand as a modern woman.

Brand Building Guide:

1. Identify What Sets You Apart

Ask yourself how you want to be viewed by your clients, colleagues, investors and partners, both as an individual and within your organisation. Then work out what you’re naturally good at, and what you’re passionate about. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, now is the time to speak to your manager about incorporating your passions and strengths into your work. 

2. Own Your Space

Once you’ve identified your uniqueness and strengths, perfect them. Never stop learning, and use these to position yourself as an expert in your field. Understanding the changing world around you will help you adapt and stay ahead. 

3. Find Out What Makes You Relatable 

Work out why people are drawn to you – is it your quick wit, humour, patience or empathy? Identify these key traits and continue to build these strengths – your ability to connect with others and create relationships will create a bridge between your values, expertise and your personal brand. 

4. Refresh Your Online Presence 

Give yourself an online audit and remember that potential employees and clients will be checking your public profile. Know what your digital footprint looks like – what ranks when you google your own name? Make sure LinkedIn appears first – with a professional photo, and up to date work details. 

5. Share Your Ideas Publically  

Use social media to share your (professional) voice – use your posts and tweets to prove you know your stuff and gain exposure too. 

6. Set Your Priorities

It’s important to have clear personal and professional goals, both short and long-term. Use your strengths to channel your decision-making and ensure you stay on track. 

7. Network Strategically 

Personal branding is all about how you strategically promote yourself. Actively seek out individuals who know your worth, and are happy to promote you. These individuals should be prepared to advocate on your behalf and sponsor your career advancement. 

8. Be Yourself 

Now you’ve worked out what makes you different, try not to follow the crowd. Find your own pathway and create a new set of footprints for others to follow.