How To Organise A Small Wardrobe

Tips and ideas to make your wardrobe work harder and create twice as much space as you had before. Thank us later!

1. Organise Week-By-Week

Whilst this may seem a little OTT, it’s our number one hack to save you time when it’s Monday morning and you’re in a rush for for work. Spending 10 minutes on a Sunday evening planning the week ahead will save that precious morning time and take one thing off your to-do list. For the forward-thinking organisation extraordinaires out there, we’d recommend checking out Intelistyle to manage your looks online (more on that below).

2. Meet Jamie, Your Virtual Stylist

We’ve been waiting for an app that’s clever enough to style our clothes for us. Thanks to Intelistyle, this is a matter of snapping your own photos, and Intelistyle does the rest for you. The App will give you real-time suggestions based on what you already own, your body type and also your personal stylist. Even better, you can plan your outfits day-by-day, according to the weather where you’re headed. A great option if you like to save time by planning ahead.

3. Colour Coding Is Key

Colour co-ordinating is a fun and effective way to organise your wardrobe (and maintaining it after), giving you a way to visualise that ten white t-shirts is perhaps eight too many. Work through each area of your wardrobe, and decide which double (jumper/top/jacket/jean/skirt) will be worn most. Those that don’t make the the cut, can be stored towards the bottom, or packed away for next season. 

4. Store According To The Season

As the seasons change, try to keep your summer bits in storage boxes on the top shelf, so they’re accessible but don’t get in the way of your everyday pieces. Clear plastic boxes (our go-tos are Ikea or John Lewis) are the perfect way to store your pieces that won’t be used regularly and they fit into corners well. Make use of summer’s straw bags or canvas totes, fill these with pieces to help them keep their shape until next season.

5. Vacuum Seal Bags

If you’re tight for space, vacuum seal bags are a total game changer. They are a great way to utilise small spaces all year round, and perfect for those Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter transitions. It takes under a minute to seal each bag, so it’s super efficient and also means your clothes will be kept dirt free until you need them again. All-in-all, a great investment if you’re looking to utilise every inch of your wardrobe.

6. Find The Right Hangers

Proper hangers are key. We recommend using space saving hangers, they create more room for all your pieces and keep everything looking nice and orderly. As well as looking sleek, they are made from velvet which means your lightweight items won’t slide off. Say goodbye to wire hangers (they ruin your clothes) and chunky hangers just take up too much precious space!

7. Make Every Corner Count

Analyse every surface and work out where you can make space. For example, look at hanging your belts and scarves on the inside of a cupboard door, or pigeon hole storage units to display your handbags and clutches. Try to use every inch of shelving to display your pieces, and to make the space appear a little bigger, try adding a mirror to the back wall of your wardrobe to create added depth. 

8. Dividers Are Divine

Dividers are the most cost-effective way to stop smaller pieces from tangling, and grouping similar items together. Position your most used towards the front.

9. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

 Keep the clothes in your wardrobe clean, preferably dry-cleaned and ready to wear. For the in-between dry cleaning trips, we’d recommend Day 2 at-home cleaning products, the easiest way to smooth out any wrinkles. We’re also big fans of cashmere and wool sprays, and clothes fresheners to keep everything in tip-top condition.