Okay HURR Girls, are you feeling it too? You know, the feeling where you forget what the sun feels like. Waking up to darkness and freezing cold weather is the exact inspiration to start thinking

Meet Alice Herbert and Jemima Herbert, the women behind LAY London, a rental table scape platform launching this month! As much fun as hosting a dinner party can be, traditionally done it lead to so

This ski season, don't just rent the skis. Rent the whole look, especially the apres ski fashion. Because really, snow bunnies, is there any point unless you make it all a little over-the-top? If you're

Welcome to the next instalment of In HURR Wardrobe, our very own rental fashion series. It’s a series in which we dive into the fabulous wardrobes of our #HURRGirls community. We want to explore style and personal