11 Small Fashion Brands We Love

11 Small Fashion Brands We Love

11 Small Fashion Brands We Love

This crisis has shaken up the fashion industry, no doubt about it. And small fashion brands and designers, already doing such magical things for sustainability before everything locked down, are among the most vulnerable. Despite their vulnerability, many small fashion brands have been doing what they can to support frontline workers and NHS staff. From making extra masks and scrubs to donating a percentage of their proceeds, we’ve really admired the small fashion brands and wanted to show them some love. We caveat this by reminding you not to buy for buying sake. We hope to introduce you or remind you of some brands so that if you do want to support them, you can buy well and buy independent.

Keep scrolling for our list of small fashion brands we love.

1. Sister Jane

Sister Jane is a London-based fashion brand, creating unique, vintage-inspired designs. Never the quiet one, they combine whimsical eccentricity with a distinctive style signature. Pieces emphasise unique, unexpected details that are colourful, fresh, and trend-led, while carrying a retro nod.

Rent Sister Jane here.

2. Fruity Booty

With a mission to make sustainability that much sexier, the team behind London-based Fruity Booty are doing that so well. They start with fabrics that would’ve gone to waste and turn them into cult-loved lingerie pieces.

3. Maison Cléo

With MaisonCléo, mother-daughter team Marie and Cleo partner to make simple but well-made pieces. Each piece is handmade with with beautiful materials. The margin and prices are calculated as fairly as possible and explained on every product page. The idea is to share her know-how and to make the made in France accessible to everyone.

Rent Maison Cléo here.

4. Joan the Store

JOAN the Store is a London-based e-commerce brand that offers a deliciously curated selection of pieces from other small brands. Started by Cat Hocking in 2017, JOAN is a space for contemporary womenswear, focusing on timeless, slow fashion and brands whose values embody the spirit of the “JOAN GIRL”. JOAN is a collaborative effort, encompassing talented designers, photographers and creatives who contribute to the unique spirit of the store.

5. House of Sunny

Founded by Sunny Williams in 2011, House of Sunny is an independent womenswear brand based in London. With offbeat pieces like their famous Penny coat, each season brings a new twist to vintage-inspired collections.

Rent House of Sunny here.

6. Georgia Hardinge

Georgia Hardinge is a contemporary brand inspired by new technologies and innovation. The brand incorporates a strong sculptural style bringing a 3-D approach to wearable pieces, which makes her dresses instantly unique. Plus, she is currently donating 50% of proceeds on select pieces to Age UK.

Rent Georgia Hardinge here.

7. Essen

Essen is an ethical shoe label that aims to make timeless footwear that is meant to be worn on repeat. ESSEN was founded as a response to a fashion cycle that overproduces more than it carefully crafts. The flats are absolutely stunning.

8. Olivia Rose the Label

Olivia Rose the Label  is a small independent British clothing label, founded in January 2017 by Olivia Rose Havelock. Her signature smocked tops, with divinely voluminous sleeves, were an instant hit and have become a staple for the fashion set. We absolutely adore them.

9. Roop

All of Roop bags are handmade in the UK by Natasha, who only uses leftover or deadstock fabric. Each little bag has a name of “her” own and feels entirely special. There’s a reason they’ve taken over Instagram.

10. Aurore Van Milhem

Handmade in France, Mélanie Pothron’s beautiful Aurore Van Milhelm blouses are handmade with love. Inspired by poetry and and detailed-oriented philosophy, each piece is a true dream.

11. Racil

Racil simply describes itself as “a series of Smokings by Racil Chalhoub.” This understated elegance is what we love about the brand and why we’ve fallen in love with the classic tuxedo jacket.

Rent Racil here.

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