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Why ‘Single-Use’ Became The 2018 Word of the Year

‘Single-use’ has been named the Word Of The Year 2018 by Collins Dictionary.

The use of the word ‘single-use’ has quadrupled since 2013, becoming 2018’s Word Of The Year. The word refers to disposable products (such as plastic) that are made to be used once and then discarded. Collins Dictionary explains that this is a powerful reflection of what the British population have been talking about in the past year.

With an estimated 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans via rivers each year, a number of global corporates have committed to limiting their use of single-use products in a bid to reduce waste. Whilst this is still astonishing, it seems hopeful that sustainability is topping our social agenda.

Sir David Attenborough peaked the nation’s interest in single-use waste after the release of Blue Planet II in 2017. This docu-series must be thanked for raising public awareness of the environmental impact of plastics. Viewers have been encouraged to understand the harm of single-use products and see how they can limit their use.

The word is spreading and we’re excited to be part of the movement bringing sustainability into the future, leaving ‘single-use’ firmly in 2018.

IMAGE CREDIT: plasticfreejuly.org