HURR Meets: Clothes Doctor

The art of repairing our clothes—sewing a button or darning a sock—has somewhat become lost with the last couple of decades. It’s something that we’ve stopped doing as cheaper clothes became more readily available. Instead of repairing something, we could just buy a new dress or pair of socks and get rid of the old ones. It feels as though we lost our way a bit when it comes to loving our clothes. If you love something, you don’t just let it go and replace it that easily, right? Well, it’s time we went back to caring about and for our clothes a lot more. Why? Because if you extend the lifespan of your clothes by keeping them in use for an extra nine months, you reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30%.

“Care for your clothes like the good friends they are.”

Joan Crawford

Which is where Clothes Doctor comes in. As an online maintenance service that provides clothing repairs, alterations, and restoration treatments across the UK, their goal is to help us all love our clothes longer and take pleasure in our wardrobes. Services include shortening sleeves, trousers and skirts, repairing holes and broken zips, taking pieces in or out, and adjusting shoulders. And if you’re in London, they’ll come and pick up and drop off the garments for you. Easy!

They also have a line of clothing care products that smell absolutely divine (and are available to purchase in our pop-up shop). Featuring a line of eco-washing and entirely plastic-free products for all kinds of materials, like cashmere and silks, they also helps maintain your clothes so you don’t need to dry clean them.


Founder Lulu recommends hand washing as the most sustainable alternative for caring for our clothes, stating that she never realised how many chemicals went into the clothes during the dry cleaning process until she started the company. Also, you get to connect with your clothes that much more. We’re so happy to partner with Clothes Doctor during our pop-up and to keep learning about new ways to love our clothes.

Learn more about Clothes Doctor and shop their products here.

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