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All About Our Pop-Up!

So, we did a thing. At the end of October we launched the first ever UK rental pop-up space, on the gorgeous Elizabeth Street in Belgravia. With Peggy Porschen as our neighbour, we opened our doors to spread the message about rental fashion and meet our community in real life.

HURR Girls trying on pieces at the HURR Fashion Rental Pop-Up.

We’ve LOVED every minute of it so far. No seriously, we don’t know why we didn’t do this soon. We love talking you through rental options for the various events you attend: from red carpets, to weddings, to a Saturday night out with the ladies. We love giving our HURR girls the opportunity to meet and try on the pieces they’ve seen on Instagram. We love telling people who walk through our doors about why they should rent, not buy, and consider a more sustainable approach to fashion. We’ve been blown away by the positive response to renting as a concept. People are into it!

HURR Girls trying on pieces at the HURR Fashion Rental Pop-Up.
Photo: @freimanemadara

Our lenders have also been so excited about the pop-up. They love coming into the shop and seeing their pieces on the rails. It’s been a fab experience to have a central location to welcome our lenders and renters to. Oh! And the events, we cannot forget the events.

We’re only halfway through our time here and we’ve already had our HURR Girls Wear Pink event, an embroidery and upcycling workshop with Stories Behind Things and Clothes Doctor, a book swap with Natalie Glaze, an amazing time with The Kind Festival and Emerald + Tiger… and so much more! We still have quite a few events coming up as party season approaches (which you can RSVP to here) that we can’t wait for.

We’ve also been able to hear from you directly. Through our chats, we discovered what people want from their rental experience. We removed our waitlist and made HURR open to all. We’re considering all of the feedback we’ve received through this time and can’t wait to get to work on bringing new aspects of HURR to life.

HURR Girls trying on pieces at the HURR Fashion Rental Pop-Up.
Photo: @biancaffoley

So, we have a few weeks left for you to come see us! We’re open daily from 10am – 7pm, and we’re dying to meet you, especially if you’re up for a mini fashion show among all of the dresses.