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Female Narratives x HURR: Dress Up

Words by Tijana Tamburic, co-founder @femalenarratives.

Images by @indiahartforddavis.

I have been living *almost* exclusively by the rule that I don’t need to buy new clothes for 3 years now. I buy second-hand, I borrow, I host and attend cloth swaps and on the rare occasion that I do get something I try to make sure that I have a one-in-one-out policy; I have to be getting rid of something similar to that item in order to justify getting the new thing. If I already have a pair of black lace-up winter boots, I’m not allowed to buy a new pair unless I get rid of the old pair. And I’m a sentimental hoarder so I find it very hard to part with things.

This has been functioning as a system, namely because despite crossing Oxford Street on my way to work everyday I don’t allow myself to go in the stores. I’ve also done the research on what fast fashion is doing to our environment. 

When you do the math  there’s actually no amount of new sustainable brands that could help, we just need to be buying LESS. Period. So I’ve been determined to buy less.

But I realised last week when we went into the HURR pop-up that I have been denying myself a level of creativity and self-expression that I love. I love to play dress up and express myself through my clothes and the popup was like a treasure trove of endless combinations. 

So how to balance the two? Our love for self-expression through clothes, our excitement around new pieces, but not wanting to contribute to the ever growing problem of what fast fashion is doing to the environment?

Renting, duh! 

It seems obvious: if you want something just rent it from someone nearby who owns it for the duration of time that you want to wear it and then give it back, but there hasn’t ever really been a platform where this could happen peer-to-peer that’s fast, efficient, costs less than just buying that Zara outfit for your party tonight, and has a vast range of chic options.

This is why I’m such an advocate for HURR. It’s all of this and more. So I wanted to bring a group of our FN girls down, amazing women all making sustainable choices in their own ways, to check it out, play dress up and swap thoughts. Oh, and of course we had to turn it into an editorial as well because, what’s more fun? 

Anna-Sophie Mungenast 

Model & Content Creator

How would you describe your style?

Loudest girl at the party or super low key, nothing in between! 

What do you love about the  #rentalrevolution? 

In the age of social media and especially if you work in fashion, renting makes huge sense, as you don’t necessarily want to repeat an outrageous gown or a green tulle skirt too often. 

I don’t want to buy clothing anymore which isn’t timeless and high quality. So for occasions when I need to steal the show with my outfit, I love the idea of renting it. 

What’s a piece you own that you would rent and why? 

I own an orange cream velvet  2 piece set from by Malene Birger. Its extremely beautiful but I maybe wear it once a year. It’s too stunning to give away and too special to wear more often. I would love for other people to enjoy it and I wouldn’t mind making some money either!

Top sustainable fashion tip? 

Avoid fast fashion. Buy only what you really need. Buy really nice quality stuff and wear it until it really needs replacement. Pass it on to someone who might still enjoy it or give it to charity! 

Shenyue Ding

Model and Founder of Supper Ceramics 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability is super important to me. I make my ceramics mostly from reclaimed clay, which has the most amazing texture, and packaged using re-used and recyclable materials. It’s about trying the best you can and making changes big or small in everything you do. 

Favourite piece listed on HURR?

The blue dress I wore today – perfect for wedding season!

Top sustainable fashion tip? 

Borrow from your friends and your mum! And buy timeless pieces over fast fashion

Micah Barnes

Model & Dancer

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Cool, gender-fluid, chic.

What does ‘sustainable fashion’ mean to you?

Being more conscious, accountable and doing your part. With the fast fashion industry accounting for almost 10% of the global carbon emissions, sustainable fashion is becoming more and more crucial. For this reason, my mindset on shopping has completely changed in the past year. I’m now obsessed with buying vintage. Not only is it heaps better for the environment but also you know you’ll have a way more one of a kind, special piece that’s usually also way better quality. Renting sites such as Hurr are also such a no brainer. For that one off outfit for an event that you’re not going to wear everyday, they’ve got you hooked up and at an affordable price and good for the environment? 

Who is your style icon and why? 

I don’t necessarily have one style icon, but for me the 90s were the most iconic and influential era on my personal style. Combining grunge, sportswear and minimalist chic, this decade encapsulates the epitome of timeless coolness for me. Pairing cinched waists and crop tops with oversized menswear is my go to.

Favourite piece listed on HURR?

I don’t know where to start! But this Balmain jacket called out to me at the pop up shop the other day.

Madara Freimane

Founder of sustainable fashion platform What’s Your Legacy 

What do you like about the idea of renting clothes?

I think it’s a great way to update your wardrobe especially for events and parties when you want to wear something new and bold but don’t want to buy a new piece just for one event. Or when you go for a trip and need that one-off holiday wardrobe. I think the smartest sustainable business models are the ones that don’t make you choose between one or the other. Like wearing something fresh and new or being sustainable and not buying the new item. They allow you to do both in the most sustainable way possible. I think we all should have fun with fashion if we want to but at the same time be able to care about our planet. I believe rental has the potential to allow us to do that.

Who is your style icon and why?  

I would say Paloma Elsesser. I love her colourful and bold style and she just pulls off anything she wears. 

Top sustainable fashion tip? 

Use what is already there, meaning buying vintage and second hand, renting and using innovative recycled materials.

What does ‘sustainable fashion’ mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me means wearing garments that have positive impact towards people making them and the environment. It means innovative materials and business models, circular designs that eliminates waste whenever possible and craftsmanship that allows the garment to last. 

Diana Larionov

Makeup Artist

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Rock’n’Roll, Feminine, Timeless Silhouettes.

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe? 

Balenciaga combat boots.

What’s a piece you own that you would rent and why? 

Reformation maxi dress – It’s both a sustainable brand and a special occasion dress I only wear once or twice a year. 

Who is your style icon and why?  

Miley Cyrus (As of late); lover of the colour black (after my own heart) and always balances elegance with a distinct edge. 

India Hartford Davis


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

How about two? Feminine and eclectic.

What does sustainability mean to you?

In its briefest form – taking my reusable coffee cup with me EVERYWHERE. And letting the guilt stop me from buying a takeaway when I don’t have it with me. REFUSING to buy a bottle of water – despite having the world’s ugliest water bottle that is in serious need of a makeover. Struggling to carry all my groceries from the shop to my house because I can’t bear the thought of buying YET ANOTHER plastic bag.

I have a much better understanding of sustainability and the current state of the environment – I’m Australian and half my state at home is on fire because of global warming (and an idiot climate change denying joke of a Prime Minister) – but I think we have to boil it down to what we can do everyday to relieve the pressures on the planet. These are just 3 little things I plan to do a lot more of going forward.

What’s a piece you own that you would rent and why? 

I have quite a few going out dresses that I have accumulated over the years but really have struggled to wear more than twice. They are worth a lot and from amazing Australian or London designers but I don’t want to part with them. Renting them out would be the perfect solution. I recently bought a Rotate Christensen hot pink dress which is everywhere on Instagram. I wore it for my sister’s 30th and desperately want to rent it out now. Any takers?

Top sustainable fashion tip? 

When buying pieces from any sort of fast fashion outlet – always check what the fabric is and where it is made. Then really think if you are going to be wearing the piece in 3 months time or if you are going to get sick of it quickly – or if it will even last the 3 months. Also, googling when the local vintage markets are – aka when the Hackney flee market, is on and going and exploring there instead of the high street.

Favourite piece listed on HURR? 

The quilted Bottega Venetta Clutch – I die for it!

Portia Prince

Model & Mum

How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Cozy, practical & colourful. 

What do you like about the idea of renting your clothes? 

I love the fact that I don’t have to be bored with my wardrobe or desire more space. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

To me it means being conscious about the world around us, thinking about our children’s future and how making changes now, to not be so frivolous and to change our mentality, can stop the demand for fast fashion. 

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe? 

My yellow Gocha Coat, or STELLA MCCARTNEY neoprene Boots.

What’s a piece you own that you would rent and why? 

My YSL quilted bag. It’s just gathering dust on the back of my bedroom door but so versatile. 

Who is your style icon and why?  

Zoe Kravitz every damn day of the week – she can do no wrong. 

Favourite piece listed on HURR? 

You already know it’s the peach puffy dress of dreams! 

Cecile Sinclair


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Loud, colourful, playful

What do you like about the #rentalrevolution? 

 I think it’s a brilliant way to curb frivolous consumption within the fashion industry. So often we don’t wear statement pieces more than once so why not rent them out?

Top sustainable fashion tip? 

Aside from shopping brands that are sustainable or vintage, clothes swap with FN events, renting out your clothes with HURR, something else you can do is to just pack away your summer/winter wardrobe. 

That way, you haven’t looked at it for a while and they’ll be like new items when you get them out again. Or, try using environmentally friendly fabric dye to change the colour of a dress or a shirt and give it new life. 

Favourite piece listed on HURR?

How could anyone possible settle on one item??