4 CEOs Reveal What They Keep In Their Handbags

Behind every successful woman is a bag of tricks helping her to get through her 9-5. Meet 4 of HURR's favourite female CEOs and discover the essentials they swear by to get them through the working day.

Jemma Finch

"I (mostly) start my day with no phone usage for 45 minutes, this is to give me some time for my brain to wake up before consuming daily news and external information. I've recently committed to different practices like daily meditation and regular exercise, both I had neglected pre COVID! As we are now in a national lockdown, I work from my flat in London which is mostly filled with plants and compostable coffee pods - because coffee is one of the things keeping me focused day to day. I also try to break up the days with zoom coffees and calls with clients or friends too, and spend time outside as much as possible!"

BEEN LONDON Recycled Leather Coin Purse  

Riley Studio Recycled Cotton Mask

Cowshed Antibacterial Hand Spray

Kjaer Weis Dark Red Lipstick

Glasshouse Salon Hairbrush

Ocean Reusable Bottle

Shaunie Brett

"I’m a morning person, so after a run I get the hard-but-important tasks done, like reading sustainable fashion reports and deep project work. I’ve just moved into a creaky old cottage, so recently I’ve been doing so in front of the fire which is dreamy. Rain or shine, I’ll take a lunchtime walk over to the nearby nature reserve, or pop into my local fabric shop to browse the remnant shelf. I reserve the afternoon to chat with clients and broaden my network, with necessary biscuit-breaks in between each Zoom call."

RetaW Solid Perfume
Grown Alchemist Lip Balm
Clary Sage Essential Oil
Genmaicha Teabags
Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats
AK Threads Handwoven Mask
Cuticura Sensitive Hand Gel

Victoria Prew

"My day-to-day usually starts right around 7.00am in the morning. By that time, I'm on my way into the office and headed straight to our local coffee shop. I like the early morning time (free of office distractions) to map out a seven-point to do list to accomplish each day. If I don’t plan, I find that I get distracted to the whims of whatever random task pops up!"

Linen Scrunchie made from Deadstock Fabrics

Apple Airpods

By Sarah Lip Balm

Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm

Dai London Mask

Sheep Inc Jumper in Wool White

Dior Bedaiko

Founder and director of both Pepper Your Talk and The Junior Network, Dior Bedaiko prizes herself on providing the industry with fashion career support and young professionals with stellar mentorship – keeping her hands more than full through the 9-5.

Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle

Bespoke Oven Pouch by Hanna Fielder

Pangaia Cotton Re-usable Face Mask

Cowshed Little Treats Moisturiser

Smythson Note Pad

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