5 Major Fashion Brands To Watch In 2021

Naturally, we're interested and invested in discovering and championing the brands that are pushing fashion forward in a conscious way. Explore 5 of our favourites that are set to make sustainable waves in 2021.

Paloma Wool

Started as a project by Paloma Wool herself, this eponymous brand creates a space to explore the playfulness in the act of getting dressed. Bold in palettes, prints and silhouettes, the vibrancy of Paloma Wool also acknowledges the fashion industry’s shortcomings and promises transparency in their stance on conscious manufacturing and ethical printing methods.

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House of Sunny

Already a firm IG cult favourite, House of Sunny are doing more for the world ofethical fashion than you may know. Journeying towards higher levels of sustainability, the brand produce less collections per year to allow enough time required for research, sourcing conscious fabrics and positive manufacturing methods.

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The romantic sensibilities of Meadows are sure to capture your style and planet loving hearts. Inspired by Victoriana, prairie-style, and folklore, the feminine pieces are crafted in small production runs in boutique ethical factories – for future collections, the brand plans to use all organic cottons by January 2021.

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Mara Hoffman

The dreamy aesthetics of Mara Hoffman are easy on the eye, easy on the environment. Stating the vision of the brand, the heart of Mara Hoffman is summed up perfectly in their Instagram bio: 'Creating to empower and transform with care, love and attention to the planet and its inhabitants.'

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Upping their already-conscious practices, it's HURR favourite, Ganni. The sleek brand focus on becoming the most responsible version of themselves they can, promising to always facilitate honest conversations and introduce more responsible fabrics and manufacturing methods.

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