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As we reach the season finale of 2020, it’s fair to say that we could all use some feel-good energy to power us through. Forever in favour of eternal optimism, we gathered a list of our favourite podcasts to bring the positivity throughout the next month of lockdown and beyond.

Words by: Anna Heaton

Dear Joan & Jericha

Comedians Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine play the part of two unconventional and unfiltered agony aunts, Joan Damry and Jericha Domain. With a combined (and fictional) 32 years’ experience in life coaching, female sexual health, phsyco-genital counselling and sports journalism, they chat through the stuff of life – no problem too filthy or absurd. Gaining a reputation for its always honest, ever wise, laugh-out-loud comedy, it’s bound to have you in stitches every week. And the best bit? There’s already 17 episodes to get your Airpods stuck into.

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Desert Island Discs

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic and this one works each and every time. If you’ve not yet tuned in to the iconic Radio 4 show (where have you been?!), each episode tells the life story of its guest through the eight tracks, one book and one luxury they would choose to accompany them on a desert island. Heartfelt, funny and with 79 years’ of listening to choose from, you won’t get bored in a hurry.

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How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Meet How to Fail, the podcast (and book by the same name) hosted by author and expert in ‘Failosophy’, Elizabeth Day. Each episode hears five failures from one weekly guest and the profound and positive impact it has had on the course of their life. Ranging from modern-day philosopher, Alain De Botton, to ex-Islanders Camilla Thurlow and Ovie Soko there’s a listen (and a lesson) for everyone.

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Kind world

As if the title doesn’t say it all, Kind World is restoring our faith in humanity one episode at a time. The brainchild of Andrea Asuaje and Yasmin Amer follows the chain reaction that one small act of kindness can have on someone’s existence. Brief actions with big impacts – this Hurr favourite is the perfect antidote to 2020.

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Table Manners

You might already know Jessie Ware for her Mercury-nominated music, but more recently she’s turned her hand to the other love in her life: food. The result is Table Manners, the warm and funny podcast she hosts alongside her mother (and star of the show) Lennie Ware. Hosting a new guest for dinner each week, they chat through their memorable meals, manners and last suppers as they enjoy a home-cooked meal.

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