How Benjamin Fox Is Reinvigorating Made-to-Order Fashion

Welcome to the HURR Family, Benjamin Fox! We're thrilled to welcome our next made-to-order brand to our platform. Made by hand in Norfolk, the brand's sole maker and designer Ciara works with a range of sustainable fabrics to create her pieces, including dead stock, end of line and ex-designer fabrics, organic cottons and natural and biodegradable materials.

As part of her selection of blouses and dresses for HURR, Ciara has made an exclusive Katerina blouse in found porcelain silk fabric just for you, available in five sizes! We spoke to Ciara about starting her brand, sustainability and her Benjamin Fox rental collection available now on HURR.

As the founder, what does Benjamin Fox mean to you?

Although it's grown into a brand, what I do at Benjamin Fox continues to be just an extension of the way I have always been sewing and I really love that the process has remained so much the same. Whether it's for family, myself, or now for customers, because I make the pieces myself and also offer custom sizing and (to a small extent) design alterations, it means that each order is still so personal.

How did the brand come to be?

I opened an Instagram account the Summer after I graduated, sharing pieces that I had made. I then started taking a few orders here and there while I was still waitressing and interviewing for different jobs to follow on from my degree. But during that time it slowly grew, so I decided to stay put and continue sewing!

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

I try to create timeless and long lasting pieces, so try to focus on making both staple pieces and basics that you can always rewear like shirts and blouses, or statement pieces you can invest in. The aesthetic is also very much determined both by my incorporation of details that I like to sew, like puff sleeves or cuffs, as well as what fabrics I can find. Because the majority of the fabrics I work with are dead stock, the design, composition and structure of the fabrics I can find play a really important role in determining the design.

You hand make everything yourself, why is this important to you?

Whenever I look to invest in pieces that are new rather than second hand, the most important thing for me is always to find out where and by who it has been made - with a lot of brands, this kind of information isn’t readily accessible and this is something I want to do differently with Benjamin Fox. I always stress that I make the pieces myself at home in Norfolk, because as a customer, that’s the kind of information that I want to know. I feel like investing in handmade pieces is not only so much more personal but, because it encourages a more introspective view of what we wear, can also encourage you to hold on to and wear that piece for a long time.

Why are you excited to rent your pieces on HURR?

Because I think HURR is doing something so amazing by offering rentals from such a wide variety of brands. Renting a piece is such a great way to become familiar with a brand, as well as a really sustainable and more financially viable option to choose when looking to dress for especially an event. HURR is encouraging a more sustainable way to consume and I’m so excited to be a part!

What is your hope for the future of fashion?

What I hope for the future of fashion is an increased number of sustainable platforms to shop, because more options means more awareness. There has been such a big growth in small, independent and responsible brands especially in the last year and I’d love for this expansion to continue to grow!



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