By Megan Crosby and The importance of Joyful Sustainable Fashion

The last (but def not least!) made-to-order brand to land at HURR HQ this week is By Megan Crosby! Megan describes her brand as the "joyful slow fashion brand for planet pleasing babes" and we are honestly obsessed! Everything is handmade to order using remnant, sustainable and deadstock fabrics and gets its bold colour from OEKO-Tex certified environmentally-friendly dyes. Her mission to make slow fashion a colourful place makes her Instagram one of the cheeriest spaces online.

The By Megan Crosby HURR rental collection includes a mix of her signature gingham, rainbow, fruity prints in a rainbow of hues. Also excitingly, she's made a Heli dress in an *exclusive* yellow gingham print—the perfect picnic look 🌼 All available to *rent* now.

What does Megan Crosby, the brand, mean to you?

By Megan Crosby is my world.  It means so many different things to me – it means real change in the fashion industry, making it a kinder, safer, better place.  In terms of sustainability, ethics & making major moves in how this industry works.  It means real life girl-boss, female founded, women run biz, which is just absolutely wonderful.  It means self sufficiency, I get to work for myself, with my  amazing seamstress, Georgie who makes a lot of BMC’s clothing by my side, and we are the dream team. It means salvation from fast fashion, it’s a solution to my adoration of clothing & getting dressed but with no negative planetary impact.  It’s genuinely a dream come true.  BMC means f*cking cool clothes, wearing my very favourite outfits every day, it means inspiring women to dress their best selves, and to go hand in hand with that, it means a positive impact on our planet.

You have such amazing use of colour and print, where does your inspiration come from?

It honestly just comes from my head… since I was at school as a kid in art & textiles, I would always naturally gravitate towards ALL the colours, all together in these meshed, rainbow-y ways.  I love a busy, clashing print and I guess as I’ve grown into myself over the years I’ve just developed a really strong visual aesthetic which I’m so happy to have found.  I’m always just designing what I want to wear, or what I imagine BMC babes are needing in their wardrobe. I’m also super obsessed with street style & Scandi bloggers.  Give me *all* the pastels, please. 

How does sustainability influence your label?

Sustainability influences EVERYTHING.  It’s why BMC was created.  I have a sustainability pledge on my website, dedicated to all the ways that I’m upholding By Megan Crosby to super strict, planet friendly practises.  My original reason for dreaming up BMC back in 2018 was because I wanted to be able to fulfil my love for clothes but I didn’t want to continue killing the planet to do so. 

Sustainability is what it’s all about – my main mission in life is to inspire people to learn about slow fashion, about personal style, about how they can change up their habits to satiate their fashion wants without damaging the planet & the people that make their clothes.  I used to be that girl, who was always buying a new outfit because I honestly had such an insatiable habit for new clothes, the feeling it bought me to buy & the feeling of wearing a new outfit and how great it would be. But you don’t have to shop all the time to get that feeling, you really just need to have those few amazing pieces in your wardrobe that genuinely bring you all the joy, those pieces that fit really well, the pieces that every time you put them on you’re like ‘YES!  This is me’.  I think that’s also why I bloody love the idea of rental, because if you do see a piece and you’re like OMG need it, you can borrow it, get that fantastic feeling & give it back when you’re done.  It’s win, win.

Why are you excited to join the HURR family?

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of rental since before I started BMC & working with HURR is such a dream come true.  It’s such a fantastic way to get that ‘new’ feeling, totally guilt free.  You get the rush of the amazing new outfit feeling, without the damage.  That’s what I’m all about, that rush of obsession & love for a piece… and sharing it with the world!  Plus I’m obsessed with the IRL aspect of HURR… getting to try on all those amazing styles, pick your favourite in store without spending ££££.  What a dream?! 

What advice would you give to a new designer looking to launch a made-to-order brand?

Work out what your sparkle is… What about your new brand is the sparkle that is going to make you stand out? You’ve got to focus on what is goina make your customer become so obsessed with your brand, versus all the others out there. Focus on yourself, what brings you joy and gets you super excited about your brand (because if you’re not excited and obsessed, why would anyone else be?) and how to make yourself so unique so that your customer will instantly recognise you and NEED to be apart of your gorgey brand.

What's your hope for the future of fashion? 

My hope is that people sloooooow down & fall in love with clothes again.  Properly, fall in love with pieces.  Only buying pieces that we can’t stop thinking about.  Being mindful of the impact of our wardrobes & the pieces that we spend on.  

I hope that slow fashion can become more accessible, as I well know that it’s not cheap and I hope that access to organic, sustainable materials becomes more wide spread  & cheaper, so that we could reach more people with the BMC mission.  But that’s another reason rental is absolutely wonderful – you get to try all the styles you love without breaking the bank. 

My hope is that we really fall back in love with getting dressed and become more mindful about the impact our wardrobe has.  


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