Four Women Reveal The Reality Of Their Side Hustle

In a world that feels ever-changing, people are looking to shake up their routines and branch out of their career comfort zone. We spoke to 4 women who have a side hustle in addition to their own day jobs to see how they do it and how to find balance. Keep scrolling to read their answers and advice.

Amy Sturgis

Day job: Founder of Amy Sturgis Consulting

Side hustle: Founder of RTW brand @cinta_the_label

Why she does it: "I have a passion for design and style as well as the business side of fashion, it is a chance for me to combine both skill sets and use my creative flare. The mission side of the brand is what really wakes me up in the morning, we have done a number of mental health driven campaigns and just launched a life long partnership with Place 2 Be helping educate schools and supporting children with mental health issues from a young age. I am really excited to see how we can make a difference while doing something I love."

How she makes it work: "Phoar, no two days are the same. I wake up at 5am every morning (in the week) and meditate to make sure I don’t miss anything in a day, this keeps me focused and motivated. I do late nights and weekends when I need to but I try and have at least one full day and two full nights off a week in order to recharge and get back to my why. This is most important."

How it affects her: "I love what I do and being on top of everything is my happy. I love a challenge and am really excited to see how I can build both businesses at the same time."

Daisy Murray

Day job: Fashion Writer at Elle UK

Side hustle: Founder of The Grantchester Collection vintage

Why she does it: "My vintage selling was born of three ingredients 1. Impulsive vintage shopping 2. Friends always wanting me to find vintage clothes for them 3. A desire for more people to wear vintage over fast fashion."

How she makes it work: "My partner and my mum help with so much of my vintage selling from sourcing, to website fiddling. Early mornings, and worrisome sleepless nights would be much more frequent without them."

How it affects her: "I find the entire things hugely stressful if I'm honest, and I sometimes wonder why I've added a whole new job to my life. However, seeing people in pieces I've sourced, or finding out my vintage selling has been the gateway to a more sustainable fashion journey for someone is indescribably rewarding. Plus, I can't stop buying vintage, so I need to keep selling it."

Vanessa Jobb

Day job: Architect. "I work for a multi-disciplinary studio called SODA. We have quite a range of project types and scales in the studio, as well as branding and graphics. Until recently I have mainly worked on restaurant design, however my current project is the restoration of a Grade II listed townhouse. A labour of love!"

Side hustle: Model. "I moved to London when I signed with my first agency here in 2010. Modelling was my main hustle until late 2015, when I decided to continue my architecture education and started working in practice part-time. So I’ve been balancing both careers for about 5 years."

Why she does it: "I decided I wanted to be an architect when I was a small child, which is quite strange! I didn't consider being a model until quite late in the day, but I am so glad the opportunity came up! I still really enjoy it - I love fashion, the people in the industry, and the opportunities it continues to offer. Plus it's a whole different kind of creativity to make images the way we do. I also have a great agency (Linden Staub) who really support my career in architecture."

How she makes it work: "I am an early bird and like to get up shortly after 5am most mornings, for pre-work exercise and just generally getting the day started early. In the past there have been hectic days running from site meetings to castings and back to the studio, as well as balancing studying alongside both jobs. Of course the pace is much slower due to lockdown these days, and I think coming out the other side, a lot of these processes and meetings will become more digital - so potentially less trekking around town generally."

How it affects her: "When I’m not working I am working—my boyfriend is a photographer so especially during lockdown we have been collaborating on some personal projects and doing some jobs together. We are also renovating our house, so being my own project architect takes up most of my free time! What keeps me motivated is… the desire to not live in a building site and the need to finance that!"

Olive del Balzo

Day job: Director of Business Development, ARTAH Retreats

Side hustle: Senior Ride Instructor at Psycle London

Why she does it: "I’m completely obsessed. Not only with the sweat and endorphins from the class itself, but with the community at Psycle - it’s unparalleled. I fell in love with ride when I was going through a very tough time in my life and, honestly, it was a saving grace. Losing yourself completely in a dark room, with no-one judging you, and an epic playlist carrying you through 45 minutes - it’s an incredible experience. It’s an opportunity to feel rigorously challenged and totally free  at the same time. I’ve watched so many of my riders find confidence, strength and determination, and see personal growth in ways that completely transcend the bike. Knowing that I can facilitate that for people is the only motivation I need."

How she makes it work: "All of my classes are before work - I’m going on 3+ years of 5am wake ups and a shameful number of espressos - so on the whole my ARTAH working day starts by 9am. I’ve tried teaching evening classes but I’m more of a 'start the day like you mean it’ kind of girl than the ’shake off your day’ type. I started ARTAH with Rhian Stephenson who is the CEO of Psycle so I’m lucky to be able to be a bit flexible with my schedule if needs be. She’s also a badass ride instructor so there’s never a question as to why I need to teach!"

How it affects her: "Honestly? As an instructor you constantly have to be prepared for exhaustion and make sure you take time for you. Self care is a nonnegotiable for me - eating well, sleeping as much as possible and doing yoga to balance it all out. Teaching is incredibly draining both physically and emotionally - you have to bring enough energy to motivate 50 people at once and be prepared to lift and absorb their emotions at the same time. That said, I can’t imagine a world in which I don’t teach. It’s the most fulfilling thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to get back to it."

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