How to care for your clothes (and the planet) over lockdown

Another month of staying at home will inevitably have us assessing and reassessing the clothes that we’ve adopted over the years. We believe that we owe it to the planet to take good care of our essential pieces, ensuring that buying new becomes a rarity instead of a regular. Need some tips? Read this way.

1. Invest In A Steamer

Steaming clothes isn't just beneficial for delicate items, it also acts as a powerful way to kill bacteria and remove odours – eliminating the need to wash clothes quite so often. With the average residential washing machine using about 41 gallons of water per load, that's very good news for our environment.

2. Make Do And Mend

When you discover wear-and-tear in your fabrics, it's tempting to throw them straight out. But, there's a lots of easy guides explaining how to darn a hole, sew a seam and fix a hem online. Check them out for maximum conscious points.

3. Refresh Your Textures

Some textures – including knits, wool and cashmere – need a little more love than others after multiple wears. Before you hit 'add to basket' on those new pieces, consider refreshing your old favourites with a fabric shaver, lint roller or cashmere comb.

4. Store Fabrics Well

It might sound basic, but the way we store our clothes hugely contributes to the life span of our wardrobes. Say no to lazy end-of-day methods and instead; fold the clothes going into drawers, choose appropriately-sized spaces (avoiding direct contact with wood), always opt for good-quality hangers and consider vacuum-packing your out-of-season pieces.

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