Show your clothes some love with these storage and care hacks  

Most people think the journey to a more sustainable wardrobe starts with buying more sustainable fashion BUT we are here to tell you there is in fact an even better (and cheaper) beginning to that journey. Take a look below for some storage and care hacks that will extend the life of your clothes, show them the love they deserve and cut down on new purchases.

Words by Joanna Standley

Let's talk about jeans

Raise a hand if you’ve ever had a chic outfit planned, unfolded your jeans from the drawer, realised they’re riddled with creases (not to mention the dreaded baggy knees), then find yourself rushing around your wardrobe looking for a backup plan while the Uber is calling for the 3rd time…

The answer? Hang them up! It really is as simple as that. Firstly, invest in some nice wooden hangers with a sturdy bar across the bottom. Then fold your jeans in half by pinching the waistband at the top button and back belt loop so that the legs are lying flat against each other. This is also a great technique for tailored trousers as it keeps the crease, which is typically down the centre of the leg, nice and sharp. Now slip the mover the bar and into your wardrobe.

With denim releasing up to 50,000 microfibres per wash, this tried and tested hack will drastically reduce the need to wash your jeans and in turn, be a step towards helping the planet.

Naughty Knitwear

Okay rule number one: never hang knitwear. The natural weight of it plus pesky gravity will transform your favourite knitted minidress into a maxi dress-meets-blanket hybrid. Albeit, that does sound like an absolute WFH mood.

Second rule: always hand wash natural-fibre knitwear, do not put it in the washing machine. When natural fibres are washed, especially in hot water, they scrunch together tightly until they shrink to half the size. In a rush? Opt for a fabric spray (see section 4) or air out in a steamy bathroom for a quick refresh.

Don't forget about the shoes

For a lot of people, taking good care of your shoes is often a wardrobe afterthought. Realistically they do most of the work, so making sure they’re properly protected, cleaned and stored is really important. Attirecare is a Manchester-based brand that creates environmentally friendly products that prolong the life of your shoes. What’s not to love?

Invest in some handy products

These days every gadget, artisanal detergent and moth deterrent is available so there really is no excuse not to invest in the longevity of your clothes.

A steamer is a fantastic investment as they’re super quick to whip out in a rush and opposed to traditional ironing, they don’t burn or tear fibres which will maintain fabric quality for longer. Scandinavian brand Steamery have an amazing selection of millennial-hued styles that you won’t want to hide away.

For pilling knitwear, fabric shavers and combs are an incredibly easy way to give your cashmere a new lease of life. New York-based The Laundress has a whole host of nifty tools, from lint brushes to sweater stones. They also specialise in crease removers and refresher sprays, which are also worth looking at (see section 2!).

Seasonal Dressing

The key to not overcrowding your wardrobe, which over-creases items and causes things to be shoved (for lack of a better word) to the back of your drawers, is creating seasonal capsules. By vacuum-packing out of season clothing, you’re protecting them against dust, moths and neglect. It’s key to note though, be careful of over-compressing them to ensure delicate fabrics aren’t damaged.

A quarterly or semi-annual purge

Much like you’d have a quarterly review at work, applying that same idea to your wardrobe is a nifty way to keep your style and your clothes fresh. Commit to giving a new life to items you haven’t worn in the last few months by donating, selling on second-hand marketplaces like Depop and Vinted, or if you’re not ready to fully let go yet, list them on HURR for other #HURRGirls to rent!

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