"I rented a dress for the first time, this is how it went..."

Sustainability coach and consultant Shaunie Brett first made noise when she decided to give up buying clothes for a year in her No New Clothes challenge. Now, the pioneer for all things conscious is trying out HURR rentals for the very first time.

Here's what she learned...

Step 1: trying on at the HURR Pop-up in Selfridges

"I picked out a whole bunch of stuff, some of it just to try on for fun. I think I found the one! It isn't what I would have normally picked but I really love the colour."

Take away: rental prompts you to try something new.

Step 2: rent the dress online

"I've come online to check the dress out and it's here. I've noticed this area called 'Environmental Savings', it's really cool. I'm not sure about you but I find it really difficult to understand what I'm actually saving when I am changing my shopping habits. What HURR have done here in collaboration with CoGo is shown the equivalent of what I would have saved so I would have saved an equivalent of 4 trees from being cut down by renting rather than buying and wearing this dress once. It's a simple way of understanding my impact."

Take away: I saved some nature!

Step 3: the final outfit

"So here's the finished outfit. I'm so into it, I really really like the way it fits. I'm really glad that I rented instead of buying a dress for this event. First of all, because I wouldn't have chosen this at all but I really like it and it's just forced me to try something different and I found the process really creative in that way."

Take away: rental is flexible in uncertain times.

Step 4: the conclusion

"In conclusion, the experience has been really positive and I'm definitely going to be renting again. Next time, I'll probably try some separates because I really want to rent something and get a bit more wear out of it."

Take away: it's not all about dresses.

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