The Joy of Getting Dressed

We're calling it. This year is not just about getting dressed again, it's about getting dressed up. So for the month of January, our focus is to celebrate the idea of dressing your best to feel your best.

Look Fab, Feel Fab

Deciding what to wear at the beginning of 2021 can be a difficult one. It’s cold outside and with lockdown after lockdown, we’re so ready for a new start. This year, we’ve made it our mission at HURR to help you celebrate the putting on whatever clothes you like.

Rent the Outfit, Own the Look

If you want to step away from loungewear (perhaps that’s your resolution) or you’re bored of your own wardrobe, check out our new arrivals (hello, The Vampire's Wife!) for your January inspiration.

Go Ahead, Try It Out

Whatever you have planned for the month ahead, we think you’ll love trialling new styles with all the trend-ticking items you’ll want to rent.

Sustainability, Done with Style

Chunky knitwear to keep the heating bills down? Check. Cosy jackets for your walk in the park? Check. Let’s make 2021 our most sustainable year yet!

HURR starring Micah Barnes


Waist-Up Outfits To Wear To Your Next Zoom Quiz

Yes, we'd rather be giving you style tips for IRL socialising right now but in the spirit of making the most, we've curated an edit of fancy, screen-ready looks shared by a host of HURR Girls that only require attention from the waist up.*

*We won't tell them about the joggers if you don't.

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