Spotlight On... Loud Bodies

Meet Loud Bodies, the sustainable fashion brand that is leading the way for body inclusivity in both design and imagery. We chatted to the brand's founder, Patricia Luiza Blaj, about her approach to the fashion industry, her hopes for the future, and why body inclusivity is so important.

As the founder, what does Loud Bodies mean to you?

Loud Bodies is my love letter to every person who’s ever been made to feel less than, unworthy or not good enough by the fashion industry and our society. It’s something I put all my love, sweat and occasionally tears in, with the purpose of making our clients feel beautiful, making them feel loved and respected by the clothes they wear. I wish for our clothes to be what enable people to go about their day feeling invincible, not uncomfortable and constricted. 

Can you tell us a bit more about how Loud Bodies pieces are made from the design process to manufacturing?

Everything is made in our little atelier in Cluj Napoca by a team of six women, including myself. My assistant and I handle everything from design, to drafting the items (which means cutting the fabric into item pieces before getting sewn) to packing the orders and then I employ four seamstresses who are in charge of the sewing. It’s a very hands on process, as literally every piece we make passes through my hands in every step of the process. 

What does sustainability look like at Loud Bodies?

It’s something I take very seriously. There are various degrees of sustainability and no brand will ever be 100% sustainable - as being 100% sustainable means not producing at all, at least not new products, however greenwashing is terrible and I do my best in every decision I make, no matter how much it may complicate things, to never cut corners and take the easier, but less sustainable way out. We source only certified sustainable fabrics from certified providers, I pay my employees twice the minimum wage (because I think you cannot call yourself sustainable unless your items are produced ethically as well), we use no plastic in our wrapping process, we save up all our fabric scraps and we either turn them into smaller items such as tote bags, or make them into pillows that we donate to animal shelters.

You’ve brilliantly championed a variety of representations of bodies in your sizing, designs and imagery. Why is this important to you?

I think the best way in which I can answer this question is with a comment I have received, that’s made me cry and I revisit every time it feels too much and I’m exhausted, to remind myself why I’m doing this: “I’m a therapist here in the US and I frequently use your Instagram and website to show clients incredibly beautiful images of women who look like them. I’ve seen clients cry while looking at your products because it’s the first time they’ve seen themselves represented, the first time they’ve felt permission to feel beautiful too. Your work is doing more than clothing bodies, it’s granting folks permission to perceive themselves as valuable. I have so much respect for the work you do and the message you stand by ❤ “ 

What is your hope for the fashion industry in 2021?

I hope that more brands will start respecting bigger bodies, I hope more brands will start respecting clothing & textile workers and paying fair wages and I hope that more brands will start respecting our Planet. 


Photos: @loudbodies


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