Discover our newest lenders' unrivalled dress collections

Sharing their wardrobes with us this week are Emma Davenport and Katie Mackay-Sinclair, head of production and partner (respectively) at global advertising agency, Mother London. Each with an enviable dress collection, between them you'll find the likes of Self-Portrait, Cecilie Bahnsen and Saloni. Here, they share their top tips to building a dress collection you'll love and keep forever.

Where did your love of dresses come from?

Both of our mums have a long-term love affair with fashion, you were more likely to spot us in a department store than a park as children.  Oh, and if we were really lucky we might get a special trip for ourselves to Tammy girl, who didn’t love Tammy girl?

What makes a good investment dress?

Always try to choose something that is well made with good fabrics to make sure that it will stand the test of time. Your wardrobe should represent your taste but also last season after season, so choose classics with personality. We love ‘wow’ dresses, there’s no such thing as overdressed in our minds and live by the ethos of ‘just bloody wear it’ or, of course, 'any excuse’.

Rent the dress

What are your top tips for shopping Pieces that stand the test of time?

Firstly, don’t just buy it from the first site you see it on! Get those eBay alerts on, put it in your wishlist, keep an eye on it then wait for sale, it’s very rare you absolutely have to pay full price for anything. Secondly, rent, rent, rent - especially if you know you’re only going to wear it once. Every dress deserves a fabulous life of its own, not to be locked up in the dark till the end of time.

What are your top brands to rent on HURR before you invest?

This is probably less based on brand than the dress itself but right now we’re loving The Vampire's Wife, Molly Goddard, Simone Rocha, Saloni, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Horror Vacui to name a few.

Rent the dress

What are you most excited about in joining the rental revolution?

It’s like having an endless, fabulous walk-in wardrobe to choose from!  We love fun and frivolous clothes and, let’s face it, they are not the ones that get the most ‘cost per wear’ so being able to rent and rent out these options is very exciting.

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