Peachy Den Founder, Isabella Weatherby, On Turning Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle

Founded by Isabella Weatherby in 2019, Peckham-based Peachy Den is the side-hustle-turned-main-hustle taking over your Instagram feed via it's comfy 00s velour two-pieces and retro, 70s jumpsuits (The Kernel, FYI). Gracing the backs of Mia Regan, Kaia Gerber and more, it's no surprise that the brand has reached It status so quickly. We caught up with Weatherby to learn more about your favourite figure-hugging 'fits.

What inspired you to create Peachy Den?

It all began with what I wanted to wear and couldn’t find. I noticed there weren’t enough brands around making high-quality trousers and jumpsuits that fit really well and made you feel sexy at the same time. We design for daily life, constructing our clothes from fabrics that prioritise movement and luxurious cosiness, whilst still being flattering for each figure. Comfort underpins all our designs — we always aim to create self-aware sexiness based on physical comfort.

What does Peachy Den mean to you?

“Peachy” comes from the fact that our silhouettes are form fitting and made to sculpt your body — and booty. The “Den” part is because I not only wanted to create a brand, but build a community too — inspired by our “peachy people”, friends of the brand and real women — which is such a fundamental part of the brand. We celebrate sexiness and confidence and we want our customers to feel empowered when they wear our pieces but also like they belong to a bigger community who share their values. Our inspiration often pulls reference from magazines from the 80s and 90s - we have a huge stash of them in the office.

How does sustainability inform your work?

Sustainability is a constant consideration to us and is something we are always looking to improve upon. We are committed to actively reducing the impact our products have on the environment, manufacturing our garments in small production runs in South London using fabrics sourced within the UK and deadstock fabrics from well-known mills to help reduce waste. To minimise our carbon footprint and waste, our studio and manufacturer are based less than two miles apart from each other in South London.

Transparency is incredibly important for us and we want to avoid greenwashing at all costs. As the business and the demand for new products grow, we are also operating vertically and manufacturing our product in Portugal with trusted suppliers from the same area as the fabric is produced to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions.

We operate a zero-waste policy with our fabrics, meaning all our leftover fabrics are made into scrunchies, and any faulty garments and samples are sold via Instagram or Depop.

What advice would you give to others who are starting out on their own business journey?

Hang on in there! I had many a moment where I felt I wasn't getting anywhere, but celebrate the small successes and keep working hard as it does inevitably pay off 😊. Also, build strong relationships with micro influencers that really resonate with your audience to begin with  — it's much easier to get great content that way rather than making it all yourself if you have small budgets!

What excites you the most about joining HURR?

Your incredible audience! It's amazing to see such a large community of people who are committed to changing their shopping habits and making fashion more sustainable through renting. My favourite piece that we're launching on HURR has got to be our new Kaia drop, because she can be paired, layered or worn as separates to suit your own style.

What's your hope for the future of fashion?

What makes the fashion industry particularly problematic is the pace of change it encourages. We have a responsibility to encourage our customers to re-evaluate the relationship they have with their clothing. I hope that more brands ignore the archetypical fashion cycle, instead creating more season-less fashion and prolong the lifespan of their products.

Peachy Den

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