Vintage-Lover Pernille Rosenkilde On Finding Your Personal Style

We've been following and loving Copenhagen-based vintage dealer and editor Pernille Rosenkilde, aka @prosenkilde, for a long time so we finally got in touch and asked about her magical approach to personal style. From what she would wear to a wedding this summer through to her favourite vintage finds and what she would rent on HURR, read it our conversation now and be ready to be inspired!

Can you tell us a bit about you and your personal style?

I am a colour and vintage freak and I am originally educated in fashion design. I ended up in styling and have been working in the fashion magazine business in Copenhagen for 6 years until March, where I actually quitted my job to be my own boss. If I should boil down my personal style I would say that it is a breed between a kinder gardener and an old lady and I very rarely wear black.

You have such fun with fashion, what's one tip for someone who wants to experiment more?

Don't be scared - just go for it. What is the worst thing that could happen if you wear something crazy that makes you happy? Probably that people look a bit more in your direction, which is actually not even that bad.

If you wear something that feels fun, vibrant, encouraging and gives you power, your whole attitude might change and you may end up feeling stronger and happier! Just do what feels right. Stop thinking about what other people might think—who knows, maybe you will even encourage them to wear more colourful outfits if they see you being brave enough to do it.

What are your top styling tips for summer wedding outfits?

Find that outfit in your closet that you don't dare to wear on a rainy Monday and give it a spin for the special occasion.

Are there any new brands or designers you love lately? What about Instagram accounts?

Uh this is a tough one—I mostly buy vintage or stand alone designer pieces. Right now I have my eyes on a Marni Jacket, a pair of Jil Sander crazy rhinestone flats and another Marine Serre jumpsuit.

For Instagram... @himichelleli, @alfredbramsen and @blancamiro!

Which brands would you rent on HURR?

We love your vintage collection, what are your top tips for finding the best vintage pieces?

Have an open mind.

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