Pink City Prints Founder Molly Russell On the Importance of Craft

Molly Russell founded Pink City Prints whilst living in Jaipur, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and working alongside the craft communities. With craft and the artisans who make the pieces at the core of the Pink City Prints brand, each piece has passed through a handmade process, be it embroidery, block printing or hand looming. The collection is colourful and beautifully detailed, and we're so excited to welcome a selection of pieces to rent now.

We spoke to Molly about how Pink City Prints came to be, why craft is so important and why she's excited to rent her magical pieces on HURR.

As a brand, what does Pink City Prints mean to you?

Pink City Prints is about keeping craft alive, and at the same time creating beautiful and bright feel-good pieces. We're committed to supporting the artisans responsible for making our pieces, all of which are worked on by hand using techniques passed from generation to generation. A hand-embroidered dress can take up to three days to make, the fabric required for a hand-loomed dress takes the weaver 1-2 days to weave on their wooden loom. Block-printing is reliant on the weather and the skill of the printer. These techniques are passed down through the generations and take years to perfect. There is a deep concentration and trance like feeling when they’re creating, almost holy. We celebrate the artistry needed to make our pieces, and we love being able to work with such talented suppliers. 

How did your brand come to be?

I started Pink City Prints during a ten day visit to Jaipur. I was gobsmacked at the incredible artistry in the textiles and spontaneously started making dresses on the spot, I couldn’t help myself.  I thought of the concept and name, and had the logo designed by my best friend. I made a small collection of dresses using fabrics I found in the local shops. Two months later the dress arrived in London and quickly sold out. This was an incredibly exciting moment and I decided to return to the Pink City to make a collection after saving up enough funds to see me through. Meeting the craft communities first hand meant I was able to build relationships with suppliers and gave me a real insight into the processes behind creating fashion. I had no fashion experience so learnt on the job, making mistakes and learning as I went. India is great for new businesses as you can create very small batches and there’s more of a focus on process than huge order volumes. The place is ruck in artisans excited to work and create 

We love your devotion to craft and the makers you work with. Why is this important to you?

The skills required to make so many of our pieces are becoming increasingly rare, and we want to do all we can to preserve craft and provide steady, fair work for the artisans who we work with. As we've got to know our makers firsthand and built relationships with them, we've realised even more how important it is to treat everyone in the supply chain with respect. Without the skill of our crafts people, we wouldn't be able to create the pieces which we do, so we realise how important they are to the business.

How does sustainability inform your work?

We're on a constant journey towards making our clothing more and more sustainable, as we realise how important it is to look after the planet as well as the people in it. We've switched all of our cotton to GOTS certified organic cotton, and we only work with natural fibres. Our new cashmere edit is sustainably sourced using free-roaming goats, and we've started making accessories like scrunchies and masks with offcuts of fabric to minimise waste. We know there is more to do, and we're always looking for ways to improve and give back to the planet.

Why are you excited to join the HURR Family?

HURR is amazing - such an innovative idea and a great way to make the fashion industry more sustainable whilst still celebrating an amazing selection of designers. We are so excited to be able to provide dresses for rent, as we know that for many this is a far more affordable way to try out the brand before investing in a new addition to the wardrobe. Being part of such a forward-thinking idea is a real honour, and we're grateful to be added amongst so many great names.

What's your hope for the future of fashion?

We'd love to see more brands take responsibility for the way they treat people all across the supply chain and for their environmental impact. There seems to be a really positive shift at the moment so we're excited to see where this leads, but there is definitely still work to be done. I hope more and more brands become transparent about the conditions of their workers, and that we can start giving more credit back to the amazing makers who create our clothes.




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