Introducing The Alighieri Rental Collection

Welcome to the HURR Family, Alighieri! Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’, each piece of jewellery corresponds to one of the poet’s 100 poems and feels more like a treasured object than an accessory. Romantic meets contemporary, we know you’ll love the exclusive rental collection. Alighieri is not only fashion’s favourite jewellery brand, but (like us) cherishing their community is their priority.

To celebrate our collaboration, we spoke to Alighieri's founder, Rosh Mahtani, about how Alighieiri came to be, sustainability and why she's excited to rent her pieces on HURR.

What does Alighieri, as a brand, mean to you?

Alighieri is all about nurturing dialogue through objects and stories, connecting communities all around the world through the universal language of jewellery. The brand is inspired by Dante's story - a story of love, loss, fear and courage. I think we can all relate to these emotions, 700 years after Dante was writing. Our world can sometimes feel so divisive, politically, in terms of religion and culture; however, the way in which we communicate through jewellery transcends all divisions, it's completely universal. They are talismans for your future adventures and stories.

Each piece has a story, and it's my mission to create a community and allow people (and myself) to feel less alone, through these objects.

How did Alighieri come to be?

I studied French and Italian in University and spent time living in Florence. I just fell in love with Dante Alighieri’s story: a story of a man lost in the dark woods, in love with a woman he can’t have, in political exile. And after I graduated from University, I kept going back to his work. And that’s when I decided I wanted to start telling stories and translating stories into objects. So I named the brand Alighieri. I dreamt of creating wearable objects inspired by literature. I loved writing and photography and thought, if I start making one piece of jewellery for each of Dante’s poems, I could write and create books and play with objects. That’s when I started, and it all really fell into place.

You have such amazing inspirations and references, what is your first step for looking for inspiration for your pieces?

I draw inspiration from so many different things at the same time. It always starts with a feeling. I always think that each collection is like a therapy. Essentially, it is about how I am feeling right now. Where am I in my life? The design process is also quite organic, I usually find a starting point in the poem from the Divine Comedy, and then look outwards, to photography and music, sculptors and artists. I like creating a universe of objects and ideas. I love using the traditional method of lost-wax casting to create Modern Heirlooms that feel like they’ve been dug up from the ground. I still make everything with a roman candle and 3 wax carving tools! For me, this is the magical part.  We’re all about craftsmanship and hand-made.

How does sustainability inform your work?

For me, sustainability has to inform every part of what we do, from our production to the stories we tell to our company culture. First, we work with a family run casting company in Hatton Garden, around the corner from our studio. Everything is created by hand. Knowing and building a relationship with all our local manufacturers is so important. We also cast our Modern Heirlooms in recycled bronze, silver and gold. The care that goes into each piece underlines the fact that they are forever pieces, not trend-driven, but created to travel with you forever, and allow you to tell your stories. The stories behind each piece are also informed by the idea of sustaining ourselves as human beings - the imperfections are a reminder that it's ok to be vulnerable. Finally, the way we work as a team closes the circular nature of our sustainability ethos: we have twenty-three amazing women supporting each other through our life experiences. It is like a family, and in that sense, you treat your customer the same way that you treat your supplier. It is one and the same. If we can all think more like that, then maybe we will be able to take better care of our planet.

Why are you excited to join the HURR Family with an Alighieri rental collection?

Firstly, I am really excited to join HURR and support sustainability in a new way and support the rental movement which I think is so important. Secondly, I encourage our customers to tell their own stories when wearing our jewellery. The real magic for me is hearing the way our customers relate to their pieces, and how it communicates what they might be going through in their lives, a special occasion, a friendship or a time of change. I am excited that by joining HURR, more people will be able to join our Alighieri community through renting our talismans and hope that they in turn share their stories with me.

What's your hope for the future of fashion?

I hope that the fashion industry will continue to take great steps in becoming a more kind and generous space. There are so many designers doing amazing things to continue this journey, and in turn we hope our community will grow and develop into a better and more aware place.


Alighieri by Rosh Mahtani

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