Lora Gene On Transcending Seasons in Fashion

Lora Gene is the contemporary womenswear label that pushes the boundaries on design in the most elegant way. Sustainably and carefully crafted from quality materials, the collection aims to transcend seasons in favour of timeless simplicity.

To welcome Lora Gene to the HURR Family, we spoke to the designer about her inspirations, her goals as a sustainable designer and why she's excited to bring a rental collection to our HURR community. Read our interview here.

Describe Lora Gene in three words.

Timeless, effortless, elegant.

You have such an eye for simplicity and such exciting use of colour. How do you find that balance in your aesthetic? 

I guess it is naturally driven. I’m a firm believer that beauty shouldn’t be forced, and nothing beautiful is screaming for attention. So naturally, my work revolves around fine, high-quality fabrics, vibrant colours, slick silhouettes and timeless appeal. This is where I find balance. 

What does sustainability look like in Your work? 

I keep on saying that for me, sustainability is a state of mind. It’s my natural way of approaching designing and then making a garment because, in developing countries such as where I come from, you simply don’t have the resources to waste. 

In other words, your approach is to sustain, not waste. Despite sustainability being a complex concept, I think if we approach every step of the process with the full awareness that resources are precious and anything we produce should last, we are already doing a great job. 

Why are you excited to be part of the HURR Family?

Being part of HURR is a great opportunity for Lora GENE. It’s a step forward for us. Reaching more women that are searching for sustainable and inclusive collections is what Lora GENE is all about. We want women to feel better regardless of their background, size, age or race.

We're so excited that some of the pieces from your capsule with Aja Barber are included in the rental collection. How did that collaboration come to be?

Aja and I met on Instagram in a heated discussion about size inclusivity. We instantly liked each other because we both felt the same crucial need for change in that area. We also share the same passion for sustainability and desire to make the industry a better place for all women. I suggested we should act, taking the matter into our own hands by creating a collection together.

I am a strong believer in inclusivity not just as a concept but also as an act. How would I make something great for plus size women if I’m not one? Aja helped bring authenticity and insight into our collection so we could create the best designs possible.

I like to say that LG is about collaboration, not just the vision of one woman and having Aja on board is something I absolutely love.

What is your hope for the future of fashion in 2021?

My biggest hope is that fashion will become more human, kinder and safer for women as a whole. Considering that most of the workforce in fashion is women (around 80%), it is about time we are treated fairly on all sides of the business - as consumers, makers, leaders, managers, etc.


Photos: @loragene


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