Spotlight On: Sigrid Maria

We're celebrating the made-to-order brands joining our HURR Family this week and to kick us off, we're spotlighting Sigrid Maria. Founded by Nikie Lundquist, Sigrid Maria launched in 2019 as a vintage brand and organically evolved into a sustainable, slow fashion label featuring signature blouses that take 5-6 hours to make from vintage and dead stock fabric. With Nikie's love of vintage infused into every handcrafted piece, wearing one of her tops or dresses feels like...magic.⁠⁠
To introduce you to the brand, we spoke to Nikie about her work and the Sigrid Maria rental collection available now on HURR.

As the founder of Sigrid Maria, what does the label mean to you?

Sigrid Maria to me represents taking fashion back to the era where clothes were treasured, and away from the trends of fast consumption, to something more meaningful. Investing in a few high quality pieces, that you might save up for and really cherish and wear for a long time and perhaps even pass on. The more I learn about fashion production, material costs and the actual work that goes into creating just one piece of clothing, the more astonished I am how fast fashion clothing can be so incredibly cheap. Someone somewhere along that line will pay the real cost, whether it’s the environment or the person making it. With Sigrid Maria I want to put the value back into the craft and to the people who make our clothes.

How did you evolve from sourcing vintage pieces to creating your own slow-made collection?

I have always loved vintage long before it was trendy, in fact when I grew up in Stockholm it was seen as incredibly uncool to wear second hand clothing. But I realised what I love most about vintage is that the items are from eras when garments were made with an incredible attention to detail —each piece tells a story. I am also obsessed with natural fibres—wool, cashmere, linen, Tana Lawn cotton, vintage suede and leather. With my own collection I wanted to bring all that I love about vintage to a contemporary platform. Sourcing small batches of special fabrics and working with a seamstress to create timeless feminine pieces is a dream come true. Making items in London also means that I can oversee the production and be involved in every part of the process.

Why is sustainability important to you and how does that reflect in your work?

Sustainability and craftsmanship are the pillars of my brand, and are the main reasons why I started Sigrid Maria. To use natural fabrics of high quality that will last for a long time, paired with classic designs and local craftsmanship is at the core of what we do. Every part of our pieces, down to the last button, is sourced with sustainability in mind from UK suppliers. I want to challenge how people view the clothing we wear, and most importantly, change how we consume. Sigrid Maria are investment pieces and created with love and an incredible attention to detail.

Why are you excited to join the HURR family?

I am so thrilled to share my brand with a new audience and also proud to be part of the fashion rental industry—I think sustainable circular fashion is the future. It’s so great that you can indulge in the ecstasy of wearing something new without feeling guilty! It’s like sharing an amazing wardrobe with your best friends.

What are some of your favourite vintage finds?

Oh I have so many good ones! Good vintage finds will keep a special place in your wardrobe forever. But I would say favourites include; a luscious black opera cape found at the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market in Paris, my friend Anne-Estelle had to help me haggle in French to get it down a bit but we got there in the end. Next is my brown wool and velvet trimmed jacket from Yves Saint Laurent’s Russian Collection, sourced from one of my favourite second-hand shops in Stockholm. It was love at first sight and it is probably the most treasured item in my wardrobe. And I can’t forget about my Austrian dirndl dresses, I am obsessed with traditional Austrian clothing and I think that shows in my designs!

What is your hope for the future of fashion?

More transparency, I want brands to be more honest about the production, materials and conditions throughout the entire supply chain. Only this way can consumers make more informed purchases. I see brands using the term ‘sustainable luxury’ to define themselves, whilst also using polyester and posting no information on where the item is produced. That has to stop. And as a buyer, to make more conscious decisions. Think twice before you make a purchase. Fast fashion has trained us to always act on impulse, but move away from that and think about the materials, how much wear you will get out of it and where the item was produced. For Sigrid Maria as a brand that means leading by example and producing garments locally with minimal environmental impact that last for a very long time. 




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