New York-Based Brand WRAY Is Revolutionising Size Inclusivity

WRAY NYC is the New York-based inclusive fashion brand that is inspired by fine art. Founded in 2015 by Wray Serna, the collection spans from sizes XS-5XL and features playful and colourful pieces including check sets and floral dresses.

We're thrilled to introduce our UK community to these pieces and have someone as part of the HURR Family who is actively ensuring that the fashion industry is more inclusive. In honour of launching the WRAY rental collection on HURR, here's the amazing insight we learned from our chat with the brand's designer, Wray.

As the founder and designer of WRAY, what does the brand mean to you?

Well, this brand is me and I am it. That is the most simple way to put it. I feel pretty enmeshed with it in that my lifestyle reflects the clothing I design and wear. My husband is a fine artist and we live in New York City so colour and wearable shapes are key for us. The brand comes from the inside of our heads directly to the consumer!

We love and admire your inclusive approach to fashion - why is this so important to you?

To me it’s important to offer every style we make in all sizes. We don’t want to tell our customers what they can wear. We want them to choose what they want to wear. This is important because this customer group is often left out for no reason at all. Our extended sized customers just want to wear what their straight sized counterparts are wearing.

With your fine art background, where do you look for and find inspiration?

Usually each collection begins with inspiration from a fine artist we admire. Ethan has a lot of art books and I am always looking through them on the weekends. I also go to art shows in Chelsea and and once in a while am inspired by a show.

How does sustainability inform your work?

The beginnings of this brand started with me travelling to all of my factories and living with and staying with the people that make our clothing. A lot of them have become like family to me. By doing this I am able to choose the most sustainable manufacturing as well as ethical. I like to make sure that everyone working with us has a safe and healthy existence.

Why are you excited to rent WRAY on HURR?

I am very inspired by being showcased alongside other brands I admire. We stopped wholesaling during the pandemic and I am excited for customers to get to try on our pieces as we don’t have a physical store.

What is your hope for the future of fashion?

My deepest hope is to see clothing in all sizing available so that everyone is truly included. I would also love to see different ages being represented in fashion.



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