Spotlight On... Stella Nova

Founded in 2002, Stella Nova is a quintessentially Danish cult brand we absolutely adore. With refreshing prints and shapes, plus a general positive energy in each piece, we are so excited to launch their rental collection. We spoke to the brand's founder, Trine Skoller, about her design ethos, inspirations and the world of Stella Nova.

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1. What does Stella Nova mean to you?

Stella Nova means new star and at the same time I imagine it being like a girls name. My best friend, a muse and an inspiration character.

2. You create such joyful pieces, why is positivity so important for your brand?

I love to think that we somehow can express positivity in the way we dress… a little humble hope that this actually might make the world just a little bit better.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

Nowhere and everywhere…inspiration is unfortunately not a thing you can switch on and off. Sometimes it is there and sometimes not and the more you seek it the less it shows. Having said that, I love going to art exhibitions, watching movies or just to watch other people.

I guess you can say that inspiration is everywhere around you. I always work with a specific theme or history which gives a certain frame– and I like to think of it as if my aim is to create the perfect wardrobe.

4. Why are you excited about renting pieces on HURR?

In order to reach our climate goals, I think we must all be a part of the transformation and seek towards more responsible consumption habits. I think the HURR project shows this responsibility in a very clear and strong way and I am proud to be a part of that.

5. What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

It is difficult to point out. I have so many but the cardigan with the embroidered shrimp, the flower printed suit and the flower embroidered denim are some of my favourites. The 'Loan' dress is also a typical Stella Nova piece and something that shows in each wardrobe we make.

6. Lastly, what's your hope for the future of fashion?

It is a huge question, and I think I can only answer for myself. I hope that we all strive to do our best in order to make products that are created in the best way to secure that each garment has a long life as it is proven that durability is the most sustainable factor in the  garment industry.




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