Passed down with love

Treasured pieces and style lessons from the women in our life make our wardrobes so much more special(and sustainable). Here, team HURR reflect on those style influences via the pieces they've handed down to us and the best style advice we've received from them.

Head of commercial, Mina, and her mum Rhoda

What did your mum teach you about style?

"My mum has always dressed in the brightest of colours, but also always prioritises function over fashion. She has the most impressive collection of puffer jackets, in every colour of the rainbow, that fit in perfectly with her adventurous lifestyle. It's not something I can relate to but I definitely get my love of colour from her."


The best piece your mum has ever passed down to you from her wardrobe?

"My mum was given a Gucci bag for her 21st birthday from her parents which she hardly used. The brand recently reissued the same style and I couldn't believe it when my mum said she had the same one somewhere in the attic. Luckily she found it and kindly passed it on to me. It's finally getting the usage it deserves and brings me so much joy!"


Describe a piece of hers that you always remember from growing up...

"When I was about 13 my parents went to a ball at my school and my mum wore the most incredible sari that was my grandmother's. It was a rich purple with intricate gold detailing and she looked incredible. I remember thinking, Wow that's my mum!"

Marketing assistant, Emma, and her mum Gabrielle

What's the best piece of style advice your mum ever gave you? 

"My mum always quotes Oscar Wilde "be yourself, everyone else is already taken". Since a very young age she’s encouraged me to express myself through my style and create something of my own, not follow what my peers wore. I also remember her saying that once everyone wore something, it wasn’t in fashion anymore. She has the best eye to spot vintage gems, she’s passed down her lovefor unique pieces. Probably more than half of my wardrobe are a mix of vintage pieces I’ve sourced and the ones she’s passed down to me. For the longest time I remember, she's called me 'the fashion police'."


The best piece your mum has ever passed down to you from her wardrobe?

"I cherish all the pieces she’s passed down to me but the winner would have to be a satin green trench coat that changes colour with the light - a grinch masterpiece!"


Describe a piece of hers you always remember from growing up...

 "These crazy and unique leopard skin, kitten heels, Dior boots with red details. I used to find them weird and now find them ICONIC. My biggest regret is not being the same shoe size as her - and probably a blessing for her as I would be stealing everything."

Marketing lead, Sabriya, and her mum Jan

What did your mum teach you about style?

"The importance of a well-fitted piece of clothing. My mum is so detail oriented that she'd have something taken up half an inch or a centimetre taken off the waist of a dress so it would fit her perfectly. It meant everything in her wardrobe looked as though it was made especially for her."


The best piece your mum has ever passed down to you from her wardrobe?

"A Louis Vuitton monogram backpack that she actually used as my baby bag! I had it restored and still wear it today."


Describe a piece of hers that you always remember from growing up...

"My mum had the most amazing leather mini shift dress that I vividly remember her wearing on a few of our summer holidays when I was small. It was so chic and iconic - I wish she kept it so I could wear it now!"

COO, Lauren, and her daughter Charlotte

What's the one piece that you're looking forward to passing down from your wardrobe?

“Oh there are so many! There’s the little red dress that took me through my entire 20s (and probably a bit longer into my 30s than it should have!), the McQueen satchel I bought when I started my first 'proper job'…but most prized would probably be a hammered gold bangle that belonged to my great grandmother - I remember feeling so special when my mom passed it on to me, and I can’t wait to give it to my daughter some day."

The best piece she ever passed down to you?

"When I was small one of my favourite things to do with her was to sit down and get her to tell me stories about the myriad of charms on her silver charm bracelet. She kindly gave it to me a few years ago, and now every time I wear it it feels really special."


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