Nyome Nicholas-Williams Just Changed An Instagram Policy

This summer, model Nyome Nicholas-Williams was photographed in a series of empowering images by Alexandra Cameron. When the photos were taken down by Instagram for violating semi-nudity guidelines, Nyome and Alex enlisted the help of their friends – and subsequently, the enraged internet with #iwanttoseenyome – to challenge and change the Instagram Policy.

Read the story, as told by Nyome in a series of herInstagram posts.

30th July

"Why are white plus sized bodies seen as “acceptable” and accepted and black plus sized bodies not? Let’s shift the narrative that the media and fashion has upheld for too long that depicts our bodies as somehow being wrong when that couldn’t be further from the truth! I will continue to challenge and break down those societal and fashion “body standards” that have been upheld for too long.

These images mean a whole lot to me as @alex_cameron was able to capture me and the essence of who I am, an incredibly strong and proud Black women! Thank you Alex ♥️"

8th August

"Who knew these images @alex_cameron captured of me would start such a movement, I won’t call them a problem as they are far from it.

They have however opened up a much bigger conversation that must be had regardless of discomfort, and it is even more of an issue now as @mosseri pledged to amplify black voices back in June when speaking to Cosmo about the shadow banning “accusations”...As we can see nothing about that pledge has come to fruition...if anything It has gotten worse."

1st October

"I am aware images of black plus sized bodies are still being taken down, I see the tags in comments and in my DM’s too. We are still working, these things just take time! Please remember that I’ll never stop fighting for what is right and this campaign is far from over! Until black plus sized bodies stop being censored there is always work to do. #Iwanttoseenyome @ginamartin @instagram @instagramforbusiness
📸 @alex_cameron

25th October

"WE FUCKING DID IT!! @ginamartin @alex_cameron and I...we changed an Instagram policy! Look what happens when three women set out to change the world! We have put our heart and souls into this campaign and to see it come to fruition is insane! The observer newspaper (which is out today) has covered the campaign from the beginning and have written another article which highlights the hard work Gina, Alex and I have done (although it states they launched the campaign) this is in fact not the case as Gina, Alex and myself strategised for three months to ensure a change would happen. Hang tight for the full details of the policy change, as I will be detailing more information soon.

We worked very hard on this and managed to get Instagram and @mosseri attention and there's still a lot of work to be done, as black plus sized women continue to be censored in many ways; and white women STILL tried to hijack and make it their campaign. There is of course a huge racial imbalance in the algorithm that still exists as white bodies are promoted and don't have to worry about censorship of their posts but black bodies still have to justify presence on the platform, this has also been brought to Instagrams attention! But when we put our minds to it... we can achieve literally ANYTHING!!

I’d like to thank the 16 amazing humans that put their names to our open letter and that helped us push our campaign forward!

The Instagram policy changes on the 28th, it outlines the difference between 'breast holding' or 'cupping' which is a celebration of body and 'breast grabbing' which is deemed to be pornographic, these images are censored to protect underage users but this policy change should allow them to better differentiate self expression/ art from pornographic content. Hopefully this policy change will bring an end to the censorship of fat black bodies.

The last three have been absolutely wild to say the least but we move and move things we did! 🙌🏽💫"

Birthday Girl in HURR

"🎉29 years around the sun!! This has been a crazy year so far and it would be easy to fall into misery about going into lockdown again the day before my birthday, but the gratitude I feel about my personal and professional growth that I've made this year fills me with immense pride and I have reason to celebrate at home, those closest to me will know how much of a wild ride it’s been and to those within my circle, I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know, thank you for always uplifting me. In the bless-ed word of Dennis Brown 'my head is anointed and my cup runneth over'! The journey to where I currently am, has been a long one and I have changed a lot (and for the best). The struggle HAS been real, but my personal fortitude and drive to succeed has pushed me to where I am currently which is thriving, clear skin having, unapologetic fat babe, gucci carrying, queen. Happy motherfucking birthday to me!!! (I also am just about to shoot for a HUGE publication on my birthday, eeek forever thankful)!!🎂🍸
📸 @rachelanthiasherlock
Dress is by @selkie via @hurr 💖"

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