Yep, we tried the DIY foam furniture trend.

In true see-it-want-it style, Instagram's viral foam furniture trend had us drooling so much that we decided to take matters into our own hands. The dreamy DIY mirror makes promises of a high-impact aesthetic in exchange for a low-effort method.

Here's how it went down at HURR HQ...

Why Should I Upcycle?

Upcycling furniture has a host of environmental benefits; it reduces the amount of waste materials being added to landfill and in turn eliminates a need for new materials. This results in a reduction in air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions – that's major. It also means you can create a wholly unique piece for your home in which you decide on the colour and style. Convinced yet?

Step 1: Choose Your Furniture

First up, choose the piece of furniture that you want to transform – we picked a large stand up mirror for maximum impact on HURR HQ. You can also opt for coffee tables, trinket trays or benches. The possibilities are endless.

Step 2: Release The Foam

Expanding foam is typically used for at-home, DIY jobs to fill holes in walls. After spraying, the lightweight foam will set as hard, ready to either be painted or left in its natural form. As soon as you start spraying, the foam will begin to expand so move quickly around your frame.

Buy the foam.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Once your mirror is covered, it's time to step back for around 30 minutes and watch your foam slowly expand as it dries. The beauty of this trend is that it's unpredictable, son't panic as the foam takes its on its own creative form.

Once dry, you can decide whether to leave your creation in a natural tone or spray paint it in a bold colour of your choice.

Step 4: Take a Selfie

Time to snap your creation! Choose a chic outfit (HURR-rented, of course) and take a selfie in your reimagined mirror.

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