Yin Fung on WFH Through a Pandemic

HURR meets Yin Fung, Elle Editorial Assistant and all-round cool girl, as she shares her tips on working-from-home through a pandemic – complete with daily routines and style nods.

What does a day in the life of Yin look like?

"Quite relaxed since everything has slowed down. I get up at 8am, tune in to get the latest news and slowly dress up. I do wear more casual clothing at home and I love to put a bit of make-up on. I feel more energised when I look in the mirror. I have a work buddy, Pim. Love to work with him. We often get coffees and exersise together.
After work I do some yoga, barre or pilates. After that I just relax, watching tv or reading books. You see, nothing special 🙂. I do like how we are cocooning at home not it's colder."

Is a lockdown routine important to you?

"Yes, it's the only way for me to not overthink the whole Covid-situation. It keeps me grounded."

What’s your go-to Zoom outfit?

"I love bright colours on top, paired with jeans. I am wearing turtlenecks from Teym in bright red or some kind of faded blue. I also love my apple green blouse from Stine Goya. Never wearing shoes at home! It's an Asian house 🙂."

What does your Working From Home setup look like?

"I work at the dinner table. I surround myself with a thermos filled with tea or hot water, scented candles. Obviously not the most perfect setting since the table is too high. I often get neck and shoulder pain. Can't wait to get back to the office. The benefits of working from home is that I can do laundry and grocery. It saves a bit of time."

Any self-care purchases that have got you through 2020?

"Scented candles. My last purchase is from Ikea x Byredo. Smells great! Right now I would love a coffee machine, because I spend too much money on take away coffees."

If given the chance, what would you change in the fashion industry?

"I think every brand/company should be sustainable. I love to pre-order because it feels that it is specially made for you. This way we an avoid too much wasting. And of course, produced in safe environment where employees gets fairly paid."

What’s on your HURR wishlist?



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