9 Spring Fashion Rental Pieces Pinterest Loves Right Now

While we can’t be out in the world right now, we are spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Pinterest has always been the perfect escape. Be it building fantasy holiday wardrobes, dedicating a whole board to terracotta, or exploring vintage outfits, it’s a favourite. While getting lost for hours and hours, we’ve also used our insider knowledge (analytics) to track which of our fashion rental pieces are trending. At least digitally. What we love about these trending pieces is that none of them are new season, they are old perennial favourites. Keep scrolling to discover the top nine HURR pieces trending on Pinterest.

1. Georgia Hardinge, Elena Dress

Georgina Hardinge Elena Dress

2. Gül Hürgel, Off-the-Shoulder Dress 

3. Brøgger, Floral Midi Dress

4. Sleeper, Pink Midi Dress

5. Gül Hürgel, Pink Daisy Mini Dress

6. Innika Choo, Farmer Smock Linen Dress

7. Réalisation Par, Isabelli Dress

8. Zimmerman, Heathers Dress

9. Needle and Thread, Dragonfly Dress

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