HURR Partners With BLANC

Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly dry cleaning: a match made in heaven.

Our Partnership

As a HURR member, renting and lending your wardrobe is a seamless process. Part of this includes the cleaning of each and every one of your items.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with BLANC, an award winning, environmentally friendly dry cleaning service. Their service is now available alongside any London-based rental, offering sustainable alternatives at every stage of the rental cycle.

BLANC use high quality, natural cleaning products and operate free of Perchlorethylene. “Perc” is a chemical commonly used in dry-cleaning that is harmful and toxic for people and the environment. Instead, their wet-cleaning process uses biodegradable water-based detergents. Any wasted water used by Blanc is preserved and reused in a later stage of the cleaning process.

The company has also introduced kraft bags that are recycled, recyclable and most importantly reusable, to replace the standard plastic bags. They also encourage customers to reuse or bring back everything they receive with their garments, from hangers to clips, hanger foams, and elastic bands.

How It Works

BLANC uses specialist washing machines that replicate the motions of hand washing, to preserve the fibres within each garment. Each item is then washed in a cycle depending on its material, as differing fabrics require a range of detergent and water mixes. The final process is also just as specific, with multiple options for drying, ironing and hand pressing each item.

Although this process is more complex than traditional methods, it’s far gentler on the clothes, and ultimately ensures that quality is preserved and the item’s lifespan is prolonged.

The Result

As a HURR member, you’re able to outsource your dry cleaning to BLANC knowing your clothes are in safe hands. BLANC has replaced the toxic (carcinogenic) chemical used by traditional dry cleaners by an innovative health-friendly and efficient alternative that leaves garments softer, brighter and fresher. They can clean anything with a dry clean only label and their treatment is kinder to your skin, your clothes and our planet…

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