Everything You Need to Know About The HURR Summer Soiree

We always knew HURR girls were the coolest, but meeting you in person at our HURR Summer Soirée confirmed it to be true. You are the best! The bubbles flowed as our guests played dress-up and tried on our star pieces, exchanging style tips and tricks. Is there anything better? From sustainable fashion pro, Emma Slade Edmondson, to actor Sophie Porley and models Lucy Moore, Nina Lisa, Yasmin Salmon, Frankie Herbert, and Charlotte Quinta Jones, we love nothing more than meeting the members of our community IRL.

It’s been a wild year as we continue to grow the rental movement and continue to spread the word about HURR, so it was incredible to see our vision come to life.

The biggest won? We actually are a collective of forward thinking women who think about style and sustainability with every outfit… exactly as we set out to be.

Keep scrolling for the photos from the party and stay tuned for more IRL events coming to your hopefully very soon…