The Revolutionaries: Jemma Finch

The Revolutionaries: Jemma Finch

Welcome to our #FashionRevolutionWeek2020 interview series, The Revolutionaries. We will be shining the spotlight on a group of women in our extended sustainable fashion community who inspire us to not only change our own habits, but to also contribute to greater change. We caught up with them about their lives in lockdown, their thoughts on sustainable fashion amidst this crisis, and where fashion needs to go next. Today, meet Jemma Finch co-founder of @storiesbehindthings, the incredible storytelling platform that celebrates mindful consumption.⁣ Keep scrolling to read our conversation.

Where are you writing this?

I’m writing this from a cosy living room at my family home in Surrey, I headed out of London back to be with my family before lockdown, I’ve been here for over a month now! Super grounding to be surrounded by more nature during this time.

What quote/ mantra is getting you through this?

‘Keep walking’ is a simple phrase that's pretty imprinted in my mind through tougher past times. I've always come back to that to guide me. Even if you have to take smaller steps than usual, keep walking and moving forward in a way that feel comfortable for you in these circumstances.

What has made you laugh this week?

Stand up comedy on Netflix, all of them. All the comedy. If I’m wanting to watch tv I’ve been focusing on watching light hearted things.

What won’t you ever take for granted again post quarantine?

Being closer than 2 meters to my friends and family! Going out to get a coffee from my favourite shop, catching up with friends in pub gardens and so much more. I also miss exploring new areas in London meeting people who inspire me through running Stories Behind Things. All the small daily things that we take for granted.

Which small businesses are you loving and would like to give a shout to?

Stephanie Grace, Riley Studio and Arktaip

What sustainable message would you like to share this Fashion Revolution week?

Find the area of sustainable consumption that you’re personally interested in and then get curious from there. For example if you’re an animal lover you may be more sensitive to animal products being in your skincare or fashion.  Once you find the areas you’re most curious about, then you can connect on a level that serves you by asking brands to be transparent or change the way they do things.

What issue in the industry has this crisis highlighted that you want to help solve?

Mindless consumption, consumption when we are feeling happy to elongate that dopamine hit, consumption to make yourself feel better when you’ve had a bad day.... overconsumption!! I’m passionate about putting a stop to the disconnect many have with what they are surrounding themselves with on a daily basis, we need to collectively slow down and re connect to the story behind what we are buying. Many of these habits stem from a disconnected mindset or mental health attitudes which I find interesting to explore. Through my platform Stories Behind Things we address living and consuming with a conscious mindset in an engaging way - join us!

Whose actions have inspired you during this time?

The way the online community have come together has inspired me, there is certainly a sense of closeness and understanding that I hope we don’t lose once this crisis has passed.

What is your hope for the future of fashion?




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