Not My Style App

Meet the sustainable fashion app Not My Style that rates your favourite fashion brands and tells you how transparent they really are. 

We discovered this app and it’s too good not to share. Not My Style is a not-for-profit enterprise that aims to: “tell you how much your favourite fashion brands share about how they treat the women and men who make our clothes.”

The app is designed for the socially conscious millennial who wants greater transparency from their favourite brands. This will make you re-think where you shop and put pressure on brands to share more information about their supply chains.

The app collates the information that companies publicly disclose about their supply chains, sharing the information in a simple and sleek format. You can then make your own decisions about where to shop.

Each high street retailer is measured across 22 different metrics, and ranked according to how much information they choose to disclose. This includes the outcomes of factory audits, providing demonstrable steps towards the living wage (not minimum wage) and if they publish their supplier code of conduct.

The app uses a traffic light system to make users think twice before returning to their favourite high street brands. Not My Style believes that brands should be open, honest and more importantly transparent about their working practices. Far beyond a one-line policy on their CSR page, disclosing supply chain information allows consumers to make an educated purchase.

Using a very simple rating system, it couldn’t be easier to work out where you should or shouldn’t be shopping:

Having rated over 100 retail stores, Not My Style uses a “Shop”, “Think” or “Stop” system. Brands that receive a “Stop” rating disclose the least amount of information about their supply chains. 

So what should you do if your favourite brand is rated “Stop”? Not My Style lets each user directly contact a brand to lobby for more transparent practices. If enough consumers lobby, brands will begin to take note. 

Ultimately, Not My Style has one simple aim: to give shoppers what they want, and garment factory workers what they deserve. We couldn’t agree more!

You can download the app here and find out more about their mission at