9 Occasions to Rent an Outfit… That Aren’t Occasions

Do we need big occasions to rent an outfit? If we had to pick one thing that we hear all the time about renting, it’s that people don’t have the right “occasion” to rent an outfit. This is a sort of cliché about rental fashion that we’ve come to expect… mostly because the only thing people are really known to have rented for a very long time is a tuxedo for their own wedding. This is exactly the kind of thing we’d like to shake up a bit. You don’t necessarily need an occasion to rent! Or at the very least, not a majorly special, over-the-top occasion most people think they need—i.e. anything to do with weddings, more on that soon—in order to rent a dress.

Because if you think about it, we’ve all, in our past lives, spent £40 on a dress from the high street in a panic-buy moment before a date/night out/ new job. Actually, if you think about it, there are a LOT of mini-occasions that one could swap out a panic high street buy for a rented outfit. Keep scrolling for our top 9 occasions that aren’t “occasions” to rent an outfit.


On Valentine’s Day this year, we had a lovely new HURR Girl rush into our pop-up in Selfridges because she had an “unexpected date” and only 15 minutes to spare. We quickly found her a gorgeous Rixo sparkly number that fit like a dream and, we heard later, the date was a success! This is not to say that we are only here for your emergencies. Whether you have a Hinge date lined up soon and want to shake things up from your usually first date uniform (anyone?) or you’re taking your Significant Other out for sushi, let us be your answer!


We don’t know about you, but we are always looking for a good excuse to pop on a fun dress. A Birthday party, be a low key dinner with five other people, or a blow-out 40th


Photo: @hurr

Nothing like wanting to make an amazing first impression to prompt a bout of style nerves. A classic case of doubting your whole style, and thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear. Perhaps now is the time to try one of our top-rented pieces, a Racil power suit. Or pop on a Chanel bag to make an office entrance?


Taking the long train home for a weekend of distant relatives asking you about your job, love life, and future plans? Distract them with fashion! Come in with a fresh look and tell them that you love your life just as it is, thank you.


Girls trip to Amsterdam? Romantic weekend in Rome? Wherever you’re going, or whomever you choose to bring along, pack our pieces for a curated update. We always used to find we would overpack by shoving all of our clothes in a bag. When you rent, you can curate fresh new outfits and pack a little lighter.

8. GNO

A GNO (Girls’ Night Out) is our favourite excuse to get dressed up in the pieces you’ve been sending to each other on Instagram all week! From cult brands like Stine Goya and ROTATE, there are so many OTT pieces that are excellent for a night out with the ladies.


Whether you’re hosting a panel discussion, attending a weekend conference, or attending a work social… we all feel the need to try something other than a grey blazer sometimes. Why not try a Ganni print dress? Or trade a beige pencil skirt for a Rixo one?

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