Outfits That Will Lift Your Mood

Staying in is the new going out. In a world of self isolation, we’re probably not the only ones who have gone from wearing sweats one moment, to donning a tulle dress and heels the next. Let’s face it: working from home outfits are all over the place. Routine is out the window, it’s all a bit strange. But it you think about it, being at home, surrounded by clothes, is the perfect excuse to get to know your clothes again. Get dressed up, and stay fabulously at home. Here are some inspirational outfits for staying home, and staying fab, and will definitely lift your mood.

Swap Jeans for Printed Trousers

Photo: @emilisindlev

Shake things up from the usual and pop on those trousers sitting at the back of your wardrobe.

Go Floral

Photo: @nicoleocran

It is spring after all.

Just Add Heels

Photo: @slipintostyle

Can’t be bothered to change out of your sweats? Pop on heels. Yes, that’s all.

Wear the Dress You’ve Been Saving

Photo: @wethepeoplestyle

There’s no time like the present to wear the dress you only bring out for super special occasions.

What are you wearing to keep your spirits high? Tag us in your working from home outfits on Instagram and we’ll share!