5 Minutes With... De La Vali

5 Minutes With... De La Vali

We are so excited to welcome De La Vali to the HURR Family, with their gorgeous silky pieces now available to rent exclusively on our platform. We spoke to the team behind the cult pieces to learn more about the brand and what inspires them. For those who don't know, Ibizan born life-long friends Jana Haveman and Laura Castro founded the womenswear RTW label in 2017 and have since become the go-to brand for celebs and the fashion set alike. Keep scrolling to read our conversation and to rent the pieces.

Rent De La Vali on HURR
Rent De La Vali on HURR

Please start by telling us what De La Vali is and what inspired its creation?

De La Vali is a women's wear brand created by childhood friends, which celebrates women and femininity. The idea was born from a shared passion, vision and style.

Could you tell us a few ways De La Vali prioritises sustainability? eg. Fabrics, deadstock material, renting.

We believe our pieces are investment pieces which can be worn time and time again. We design them with versatility in mind, so they can be worn to a glamorous party but also dressed down to the beach. We love the idea of renting out our dresses as it will give customers a chance to try our different styles which they may have normally not gone for. We also practice sustainability by using up all our dead stock fabrics so at times really old prints will resurface in a fun little capsule collection.

How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

Bold, vicarious, elegant.

Rent De La Vali on HURR
Rent De La Vali on HURR

What's been your highlight to date?

Every year keeps getting more and more exciting, our fashion shows at London Fashion Week and Amsterdam Fashion week last season were a definite highlight.

Lastly, what is De La Vali's mission for the future?

We would love to create several flagship stores which will be completely immersive and a true insight into the world of De La Vali.

Rent De La Vali here.

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