Why It Makes Sense To Rent Your Wardrobe

HURR Collective allows you to share clothes and accessories, securely and in seconds. We’ve highlighted the top reasons that renting just makes sense.

1. You save time.

HURR members save the stress of a last-minute impulse purchase by planning their outfits months in advance and reserving pieces ahead of time.

2. You save money.

No need for the “I-know-I’ll-only-wear-this-once” guilt trip. Renting items for a fraction of the retail price means you’ll avoid last minute splurges.

3. You can make on-going income.

Rather than selling for a fixed price, lending can make an item profitable over time. Your view on shopping will change from “how much does this cost?”, to a “how much money could I make from this?” mindset.

4. You can experiment with new brands.

Renting gives you a sense of freedom to experiment with a look, knowing that you only have that particular piece for a limited amount of time. Meaning you can be trend-led in a more sustainable fashion.

5. You can save space.

Constant purchases and trend-led buys can leave you with an overflowing (yet under-utilised) wardrobe. Renting pieces for occasions or a style change-up will save you space and clutter.

6. You can rent vintage, one-off pieces.

The shared HURR wardrobe allows you to rent limited-edition pieces that you’d otherwise never access. No need to worry that five other women will be wearing the same thing.

7. You can do your bit for the environment.

Extending the lifecycle of clothing significantly reduces the environment impact, so it’s smart to rent rather than consume new clothing.

8. You can have FUN!

Not the most practical benefit, but it’s true. Renting rather than owning is more fun! You may never think about spending £1,750 on a Zimmermann dress but when it’s £180, why not?