In the Studio with Romance Was Born

In the Studio with Romance Was Born

Now that you can rent Romance Was Born exclusively on HURR we thought we'd take a minute to catch up with the design team, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, behind the brand. Based in Australia, style stars like Cate Blanchett, Tavi Gevinson, Nicki Minaj, Karen O, MIA are all fans of the brand. Keep scrolling to read our discussion.

Tell us about how the Romance Was Born brand began?

We began the brand back in 2005 when we entered the ITS #4 (International Talent Support) Competition. We had just finished studying Fashion Design and were the only Australians to be selected for the finals in Italy. It was from there we went to Paris and were offered internships at John Galliano but decided to come back to Australia and start Romance Was Born.

Three words to describe the brand?

Spirited, decorative, collaborative.

What is your inspiration behind your collections?

We look everywhere for inspiration. Art and nature play a big part of our world, we are drawn to nostalgic things also, anything really that evokes an emotional response, then we are all in.

How do you approach the design process?

It depends on what we are inspired by for the season, something its a piece of fabric or vintage item that we create a story around, or else maybe a artists work that we create textiles from.

What's been the highlight of your brand journey so far?

Showing in Paris for the first time in 2018 was a major milestone for the brand. It was such a special time, we made a collection of 21 outfits that we called our “kinda couture” capsule. It was such a buzz to arrange everything from Paris, it was all so new and exciting and we loved the collection so much.

Rent Romance Was Born on HURR
Rent Romance Was Born on HURR

What does a typical morning look like?

Feed my dog, have a cup of tea, and get ready for work. We live 45 mins out from the city, so we usually drive into the studio and eat something in the car. (Does this sound ok, hope not too boring)?

Where do you find inspiration?

I find people very inspiring, I get very effected by people around me. People can be so amazing, I think in the end, we all just want to be happy, so being supported by your friends and family around you is so inspiring.

Any podcasts, series or books that are inspiring you right now?

I just started The Artists Way, which is a really famous book written in the 70’s that helped a lot of people realise their creative potential. I also love the podcasts by Australian eco journalist Clare Press- Wardrobe Crisis.

What’s your go-to work outfit?

One of our printed sun ray printed skirt with a vintage knitted jumper, usually by Jenny Kee or Linda Jackson who are 2 amazing Australian designers I adore.

When the day’s over, how do you unwind?

A modest mothers glass of organic red wine in a tumbler glass, and a listen to my favourite Spotify playlists.

Quickfire Q&A:

Favourite-ever fashion purchase: My emerald green Resin Chanel clutch with black leather lining form the Shanghai collection around 2007. It looks like an antique but yet so modern, I love it.

Favourite instagram account: Dorastaffy- she is the cutest Blue Staffy ever… other then my little boy Billy, she lives in London actually, she is A-DORA-BLE!!!

Current fashion icon: Vivienne Westwood

One quote you live by: Treat others how you want to be treated

Best Romance Was Born moment so far: Individuality

One guilty pleasure:Vintage Christian Lacroix jewellery

Post lock-down to-do list: Learn guitar, learn French, learn to crochet

Most treasured piece of clothing: Lind Jackson vintage geometric knit

Rent Romance Was Born on HURR here.

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