Seven Sustainability Champions You Should Be Following

Seven Sustainability Champions You Should Be Following

Seven Sustainability Champions You Should Be Following

Looking to embrace ethical fashion but don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up our top sustainable IT girls to point you in the right direction. Follow these influencers for daily inspiration and see how you can incorporate sustainable fashion into your everyday lifestyle. Keep scrolling to meet our go-to influencers that are championing sustainable fashion to help you make conscious fashion choices.

1) @liviafirth

Founder and Creative Director of EcoAge and all round ethical powerhouse, Livia Firth can be found at every high profile event bringing awareness to sustainable fashion. Livia is also a UN Leader of Change and has also been recognised with the UN Fashion 4 Development Award.

2) @jasminehemsley

As a wellness and nutrition expert, TV presenter and best-selling author, Jasmine Hemsley is a powerful force for positive global change when it comes to food, sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Encouraging us to adopt a more meaningful way of life, Hemsley makes sustainable fashion both stylish and aspirational.

3) @storiesbehindthings

Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton, teamed up in mid 2016 to create @storiesbehindthings. Encouraging us to share the stories behind each piece we choose to wear, Jemma and Ella have also made sustainable living more accessible.

4) @emsladedmondson

Emma is a sustainable fashion retail and marketing consultant, as well as a judge for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards and founder of Charity Fashion Live. Her personal style is a delight and she’s always keen to make the most of charity shops. Such a fabulous person to follow.

5) @venetiafalconer

London-based presenter Venetia is recognisable from 4Music, MTV and more recently her 5-star rated podcast Talking Tastebuds. Passionate about sustainable fashion and her plant based diet, Venetia documents her daily #oootd (Old Outfits Of The Day) and will inspire you to shop second hand with her fabulous videos over on her YouTube Channel.

6) @ajabarber

Aja Barber is a true inspiration. She uses her Instagram to vocalise issues surrounding sustainable fashion, while ensuring that the conversation remains intersectional. Her feed is educational, informed, and pushes the boundaries to help us all buy better.

7) @iam_samata

Director of @RedCarpetGreenDress, this sustainable icon is partially responsible for the movement that brings environmentally friendly gowns to the biggest red carpets in the world. With over nine years of creating outfits for the red carpet, Samata embodies everything sustainable fashion.

Credit for banner photo: Evarae

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