Throw-On Dresses Are the Item of Summer 2020

Throw-On Dresses Are the Item of Summer 2020

In this strange new world, conflicting feelings come at us from all angles. Stay in or go out? Wanting to go on holiday but not sure when or where. It's hard to know what to feel most of the time.

And when it comes to getting dressed... well that's also hard to know what to do or feel. Wanting to feel fancy, but not wanting to be unnecessarily uncomfortable at any point in the day (WHY were we wearing jeans for so long?).

Throw on dress trend 2020: Shop Doên Bijou Dress
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It comes as no surprise then that throw-on dresses are becoming THE most desired item of the year. Fashionista is even referring to them as the "house dress" trend, perfect for napping in. We're talking about big, tent-like dresses in stunning shapes and prints to make us feel look and feel like queens. And the gorgeous fabrics are key, too, often coming in fine linens or organic cottons.

At HURR, we always encourage our community to think long and hard before going full deep into a trend, but we also feel like as long as this is our new normal, throw-on dresses are going to become more of a staple than a fleeting trend.

Whether you prefer brights or pastels, prints or plain keep scrolling for our rental edit of throw on dresses and find the perfect one to float around in.

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