Top Tips For Listing Your Wardrobe on HURR

We’ve all found ourselves at home during this uncertain time, surrounded by our belongings and wondering what to do about it. Seeing as it does correspond with the time we’d be doing our spring cleaning, now seems like a wonderful opportunity to list some pieces. Keep scrolling to see our top tips for listing your pieces on HURR.

Start with a wardrobe detox

Scroll through our designers page to see if you have any pieces that would fit with the pieces available already. It’s great to see the price points of similar items listed on HURR as a reference. Do you have items from our designers list? If so, we want to hear from you. Remember, with renting you don’t actually say goodbye to the pieces. Just see you soon.

Use our Live Request tool

More specifically, see if our members are requesting to rent pieces you already own and aren’t yet on HURR.

Get lending!

If you’re new to lending on HURR, let us guide you through the easy steps. We encourage a selfie shoot at home for this step.

  1. Create an account here.
  2. ID verification. Safety is our priority.
  3. List your wardrobe. Upload photos of your items, setting the rental price and location.
  4. Approve requests. A member wants your item? Click “approve request”.
  5. Arrange delivery. Arrange a handover or post the item to the renter.

Voilà! It’s that easy.