What We Can All Learn From Princess Diana’s Recycled Wardrobe

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for wearing and re-wearing outfits, but her late mother-in-law first championed recycled outfits, sometimes repurposing the outfit all together.

Since entering the spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge has never shied away from outfit repeating – re-wearing pieces she first wore back in 2011 and 2012. Yet the Princess of Wales was first to outfit repeat, re-working certain dresses, jackets and skirts into new looks altogether.

Here are her best recycled looks:

1) The Peplum Dress

Rewearing this Victor Edelstein polka dress, Diana repurposed the peplum skirt section just one year apart. First wearing the dress to an equestrian event in 1986, on the right the new and improved version took centre stage at a Polo game one year later.

2) The Repurposed Ballgown

This pale blue Catherine Walker dress embodies everything that was the ’80s Princess of Wales. Diana wore this look in London and then again in Cameroon in 1990, re-crafting the sleeves and adding a heart-shaped neckline to the statement piece.

3) The Floral Suit

Diana championed the co-ordinated two piece suit, wearing both parts of the floral outfit to Wimbledon in 1981, and the skirt again in 1985 at a Polo event in Cirencester.

4) The Camel Coat

4) The Embroidered Gown

This beaded Catherine Walker gown was worn to a Nigerian state banquet in 1989. Re-wearing the top section with a different skirt in 1992, Diana re-wore the piece during a visit to Seoul, South Korea.

5) The Tartan Suit

Continuing the Royal’s love of plaid, Diana first wore this tartan suit by Caroline Charles in Scotland, and again in 1985 changing the neckline and pairing the outfit with a neckerchief and boots.

6) The Pink Peplum Dress

This stunning pastel evening gown was worn twice by the Princess, once in Melbourne in 1983 (left) and again in 1986 (right), with differing peplum sleeves.

7) The Houndstooth Coat