#WhyIRent with Hannah Almassi (Who What Wear UK, Editor in Chief)

This week, we sat down with Hannah Almassi to discuss how everything works behind the scenes at Who What Wear, her views on sustainability within the fashion industry and why she’s renting her wardrobe on HURR.

What does a typical day in the Who What Wear office look like?

Croissant, coffee, and a quick stand-up meeting with the editorial team to discuss the day’s fashion news, latest outfits, Instagram goings on, It item sightings and anything else that may be relevant to our content plan. Then for days spent in the office (when I’m not on a shoot, at external meetings or working on events) we’re all working towards setting approximately 10 stories live a day. I’m constantly analysing and interpreting data, amending our content strategy, overseeing social, executing advertising campaigns and much, much more. It’s busy and there’s always a great deal of energy.

How would you sum up your personal style?

It normally veers into ’70s territory, and I’m also a fan of colour and print. I try to have fun with my wardrobe, but there are days where I like to keep things minimal as well. I’d say my style is quite covered-up, and I don’t really “do” casual very well at all.

How do you select the brands you feature at WWW?

It’s really dependent on the story, but we are known for being first onto up-and-coming brands, as well as being able to edit the very best items from more established names. Our team really prides itself on only featuring the nicest and best-quality pieces from any store or brand, no matter the price point—we’re very picky.

What are your top style picks for the summer season?

I’m a dresses-and-sandals girl through and through, so I always lean on this formula when the weather heats up. For a high heel-lover it’s interesting to find myself being so drawn to Teva sandals

What are your go-to staples? What do you invest in? 

Building the foundations of a capsule wardrobe is something we talk a lot about at Who What Wear UK, and it’s something I really believe in. I have a few classic items I’ve invested more in, like a great blazer from Barbara Casasola, a vintage Gucci Jackie bag, simple navy trousers from See By Chloé, a white silk shirt from Equipment and so on. These go-with-everything items are worth saving up for as you’ll get so much more wear out of them than a jazzy, patterned skirt (although, deep down, I’ll always feel more tempted to buy a jazzy patterned skirt).

What does ‘sustainable fashion’ mean to you?

I’ve long been a keen vintage shopper, so for me it’s buying second-hand or thrifting wherever I can, as well as being more conscious about my frequency of purchasing new and looking for ways to rewear, mend and make the most of what I already own. I’m pleased to see so many brands introducing sustainable practices into their businesses, but we clearly can’t rely on every store or label to do this, so some of the responsibility does lie with the consumer.

What’s your top item that you’ve listed on HURR? Tell us the story behind it!

My Staud dress. I bought this last summer for a trip to Spain over my wedding anniversary—it’s all kinds of perfect for a holiday and this is the colour I have the most of in my wardrobe. This photo was taken on the balcony of a cute little apartment in Vejer De La Frontera (aka my favourite place in the world, and where I had my wedding a couple of years ago) by my husband who is a photographer. It’s pretty handy having him on call!

What are you interested in renting from other HURR members?

I think renting occasion dresses is a genius idea. The amount of times I’ve been stuck for something to wear for a big do and invested in a piece that I’ve only ended up using once… well, it’s shameful.

Quote of the day! What are your words to live by?

My mum has always told me to not waste time worrying about how I look—it’s such a bad use of energy, and you’ll only regret it when you’re older!

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